10 Popular Online Tools for Education

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If you look around, technology has taken over almost all aspects. The 2020 pandemic forced everyone to be more dependent on technology. Therefore, it is necessary to keep yourself updated with the current trends in technology and online tools.

The sector that the pandemic hit the worst was education. However, with time, the sector showed some drastic changes and now technology is an integral part of it. But, that has made things challenging for both students and teachers to accept and adapt to these changes.

With a sudden transition, the need to develop new tools for education has become essential. Teachers are always looking for tools that can ease the teaching process and help better and stronger communication between teachers and students.

If you are unaware of the right tools for education, here are ten popular online tools for education:

  1. Google Classroom

If you are looking for flexibility and easy online classes, Google Classroom is your best choice. The tool is a one-stop solution for students and teachers. Teachers can:

  • Create lesson plans
  • Track student performance
  • Make course material more exciting

The tool is available for free as of now, but a paid version will be available very soon with more exciting features. If you want to make your online classes more interesting, switch to Google classroom.

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  1. Prodigy Math Game

Math has always been a problematic subject for students. It is impossible to make students learn the lessons and solve math problems. What if math classes were made interesting? Technology can help teachers make things easy for students and make them interested to learn math. Prodigy math game has made the most dreaded subject interesting. The tool is designed for students from 1 to 8 grades. It is an adaptive learning platform aligned with the curriculum of the United States.

  1. Pear Deck

Online education has paved the way for innovative ways of teaching. Offline classroom sessions did not have the opportunities to explore methods to make them interesting. The Pear Deck tool helps teachers create engaging slides and make the sessions interactive. The tool helps teachers create slides from scratch or add questions to existing presentations. The tool comes with exciting features like:

  • A dashboard that’s available on a phone or tablet
  • Ability to show or hide student responses
  • Sending personalised notes to individual students, fun audio files to add in presentations

Your online sessions will be highly interactive once you start using Pear Deck.

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  1. Flipgrid

Students are accustomed to their teachers calling them out to answer specific questions. But students are not interested in answering all of them. With technology coming into the picture, teachers have found ways to create interactive sessions. Flipgrid is a medium that can make students speak on topics and initiate conversations within the learning community. Students will be inclined to learn and engage in discussions with their peers.

  1. Edmodo

Teachers use various ways to engage students, assess them, and get them to share ideas and thoughts to make learning fun. Edmodo has been developed to achieve all these things and make classroom sessions interesting. The tool helps teachers share course content, inspire collaboration and create an energetic and positive classroom. Edmodo also helps parents understand their ward’s performance. Teachers can create free accounts and start using Edmodo.

  1. Canva

Another tool that is popular among teachers is Canva. The online graphic and publishing tool helps teachers create professional-quality presentations, posters, infographics, social media banners, videos, and many more to make online classes exciting. In addition, the tool allows you to integrate your preferred learning management system to ease the process. You can integrate Google classroom and Microsoft teams as well.

  1. Zoom

One tool that can thank the 2020 pandemic for its popularity is Zoom. The tool is a great one for webinars and interactive classroom sessions. In addition, the tool allows live chatting, which made it one of the most used and popular tools during the pandemic. Zoom has proved to be a useful distance learning tool.

  1. Blackboard

The tool is one of the advanced Learning Management System tools designed for kindergarten to high school students. It can be used on any device and is easily accessible to all students. It also shares access to several third-party tools, and teachers can make full use of it to ensure students learn their lessons well.

  1. ClassDojo

Parents-teachers’ meeting is one of the most important parts of education. Teachers and parents must communicate well to ensure that students are performing well. Unfortunately, with the online education system, things took time, and parents-teachers meetings were almost on the verge of extinction. ClassDojo solved the problem with its advanced communication system that brings families, students and teachers together to create a supportive online community.

  1. Microsoft Teams

Another tool that made communication easy during the pandemic is Microsoft Teams. Teachers can share their screen or notes, conduct presentations, and promote chatting to bring everyone together via video conferencing. The tool has been helpful in creating interactive sessions and bringing together both students and teachers for a better understanding of the lessons. The tool is easy-to-use and has all the elements to make learning fun.

To end with,

It is impossible to neglect education. Despite all the hurdles, the schools and colleges found the right solution to continue the process. There was resistance initially, but with time both teachers and students accepted the change and are happy with the new mode of education. Online education paved the way for a better and more effective way of learning. The tools have helped ease the process and make education fun. Technology is developing every day, and one must be updated with the trends. Online education will not die down, and the future seems bright for the education sector.

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