11 Best Retail Ticketing Software to Choose From in 2022

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Nowadays, communication is consolidated through a well-designed ticket system. This is accomplished by eliminating the bottlenecks. This can occur when no one is aware of the problem, its significance, or the source of the report. However, even the best software is useless without the right employees and protocols. If your IT team is experiencing these limitations, it might be time to implement an IT ticketing system.

retail ticketing system acts as a single point of contact, directing all service requests to one help desk and implementing mechanisms to prioritize and address problems. Employees can concentrate on completing their work when they can quickly ask for and receive the assistance they need from departments across the firm.

Therefore, they will go through the fundamentals of a ticketing system before discussing how to find the best ticketing software. Here are some of the top ticketing systems, and discover the best practices which are mentioned below:

Best retail ticketing software in 2022:

1. DeskXpand:

A modern-day customer support software to take your customer experience to the next level. It connects your support team to various aspects of customer support with its features like ticketing, omnichannel, self-service, canned responses, etc. It helps you understand your customers better and simplify your customer support. With features like shared inboxes, collaborations become easier.


  • Solve customer queries at lightning speed
  • A unified interface to have everything in one place
  • A powerful ticketing system
  • Detailed reports to understand data in an easy manner

2. Zendesk:

Your customer support team may communicate with customers using Zendesk to connect them seamlessly across all channels. It may include email, messaging, social media, phone, bots, and community forums. Not only can Zendesk ticketing software increase customer happiness, but it is also a dream come true for support staff members. They also understand the complete customer experience, allowing them to stop looking for information and start helping clients.


  • Keeps track of assigned tickets
  • Promptly by using a search and a deep link from an email
  • Browse the queue using views and swiping

3. Helpscout:

The helpdesk ticketing system for Help Scout is just as feature-rich as Happy Fox. Help Scout can accommodate huge teams with more than 500 users. Numerous contemporary companies in the technology and recruiting sectors are on their list of clients. Additionally, the system should be easy to integrate with your current customer channels and databases, thanks to its strong API and wide range of interfaces.


  • Automating by rules
  • Integration and augmentation
  • Content management for knowledge bases

4. Visit Helpdesk:

These types of software are mainly used for small enterprises and e-commerce customer service software. They used to offer live chat, phone, and email customer assistance. Vision maintains user-friendliness even if it has many settings and adjustable features. Vision Helpdesk can be configured with the appropriate modules for incident management, problem management, and other services that your IT support team offers.


  • Workflows
  • Creation of email tickets
  • Analytics and report generation

5. HappyFox:

HappyFox is a cloud-based CRM that offers ticketing solutions for various businesses and sectors. Although its price and integrations are lacking, its features are excellent with advanced and fast technology. Customers of HappyFox come from a diverse spectrum of companies, from small startups to large multinational corporations. Numerous simple-to-uses, powerful features are offered by their ticketing software.


  • Managing SLAs
  • Wise automation
  • Base of knowledge

6. Zoho Desk:

In addition to a ticketing system and personal knowledge base, Zoho’s extensive free tier includes predefined SLAs, mobile apps, and customer management. It is mainly used for startup businesses and established businesses seeking cost-effective growth. You should monitor how this product develops since Zoho frequently introduces new capabilities like social media integration and data analysis.


  • Base of knowledge
  • Management system for tickets
  • Email conversations

7. Freshdesk:

For ticket resolution, Freshdesk uses gamification, awarding agents points for completing tasks. Using Fresh desk’s Academy, you may offload some of the administrative work associated with training your agents on your new system. You can also try the Freshdesk free plan, which offers email ticketing tools, analytics, pre-written responses, automation, and knowledge base management.


  • Individual ticket views
  • Specific email server
  • Measuring time

8. WordPress Advanced ticket system:

The WordPress Advanced Ticket System plugin is something to consider if your company uses WordPress. Your customer care operation is straightforward, with no more than two channels. Since their free help desk ticketing software is directly built on WordPress, integration is a breeze. This ticketing system may be too simple for companies with larger, more complex service operations.


  • Documents attached
  • Quantitative data
  • Ticket routing through email

9. LiveAgent:

LiveAgent emphasizes its live chat service with features including a real-time typing view, website monitoring for conversation participation, and proactive chat invitations depending on the active agent’s availability. Additionally, the program offers a universal inbox that gathers and aggregates tickets from various channels. Additionally, it features native connectors with many of the most widely used apps by support teams. WordPress-using small support teams are especially well-suited to LiveAgent.


  • Unlimited history of tickets
  • Integrations and APIs
  • A forum and help portal
  • In-depth reporting

10. KB support:

The KB Support plugin is an additional lightweight helpdesk ticketing system that works with WordPress. Similar to the WAPS plugin, KB Support is intended for small businesses in any industry with a limited-service offering. However, KB Support can be used indefinitely because of its wide range of integration possibilities, especially if you are utilizing WooCommerce and WordPress. Although KB Support is a free WordPress plugin, it lacks several essential features such as knowledge base integrations, scripted responses, configurable ticket statuses, and more.


  • Emailing tickets
  • Integration with WooCommerce
  • Monitoring and evaluation

11. Front:

Front’s email inbox is connected with your complete customer service. Innovative businesses like startup accelerators, e-commerce platforms, and other SaaS companies. They use Front to manage their client’s experiences. But Front is designed to promote a culture of cooperation on your service team beyond just that fundamental functionality. Front’s shared email inbox connects your entire customer service staff. Every channel, including email, chat, social media, and SMS, is supported by Front for email and message ticketing.


  • Ticketing through email, chat, SMS, and social media
  • Collaboration tools for tickets
  • Only a few integrations

Final thoughts:

The importance of providing dependable IT assistance has increased as modern organizations incorporate more and more technology into their daily operations. IT ticketing systems were first developed to replace spreadsheets and help support staff responds to user issues. They have evolved into the core of many support operations worldwide. Artificial intelligence, close collaboration, and real-time reports are now much more than just a ticketing system.