12 Profitable Hobbies To Make Money Before Christmas

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Make Money Before Christmas

If you’re looking to make some extra money before the Christmas rush, then it is likely that you are going to have to get creative. Maybe you’re planning on spending as much time as possible with your loved ones, or perhaps you just want to take a well-deserved break from that daily grind. Whatever the case may be, why not turn your hobbies into cash? 


One of the most popular ways of making extra money during your spare time is copywriting.

Copywriting is writing for other people, be it a blog post or an ad. It is a skill that can be learned, but it requires hard work and dedication.

The first step to becoming a successful copywriter is learning how to write well. It doesn’t matter if you want to write articles, books, or sales copy; you need to be able to communicate clearly and effectively before you can expect anyone else to listen.

Once you have mastered writing basics, you can look for freelance jobs online through websites such as Upwork and Fiverr. These sites will allow you to bid on jobs posted by clients needing help with writing projects. 

Editing videos in Adobe Premiere Pro

If you’re editing videos in Adobe Premiere Pro or any other software and have some spare time, you can monetize your hobby by doing it for others. You can make money by editing videos for a fee. If you’re new to video editing, you can start by making videos for your friends and family and have them pay for your services for a minimal fee.

If you’re already at an intermediate or expert level in making creative productions, there are websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer that allow you to find freelance work as an editor. You can also reach out to people through social media or email to see if they need someone to edit their videos. You can even start posting your video on YouTube and monetizing it with Google AdSense.

Running your own blog

Running your own blog can be a great source of income. How much you make will depend on how popular your blog is. You can make money from advertisements, selling your products or services, and even affiliate marketing.

If you’re unsure where to start, plenty of free blogging platforms are available that don’t require coding knowledge. WordPress is probably the most popular, with themes and plugins for just about anything you could imagine. Don’t forget to do your own research so you can find the best dedicated server for your site.

Blogging is also a great way to build your personal brand and gain exposure in the digital world. If you’re looking for freelance work or want to start your own business in the future, running a blog is a great way to increase traffic and drive leads, as well as develop valuable skills that will come in handy when starting in other areas such as online marketing or web development.

Data Analysis

Data analysis is the process of examining and interpreting raw data to gain insight into business problems. The data could be from various sources. Data analysts usually work with large amounts of data and use complex statistical tools to make sense of it all.

Data analysts are in high demand as more companies need people who can analyze their data and help them make better decisions based on this information. For example, if you were analyzing data for a clothing retailer, you would look at how many items were sold online compared to how many were sold in stores and what time of year had the most sales. You’d also look at what items sold well (like shoes) and what types didn’t (like dresses). This analysis could help determine whether they needed more employees at certain times during the year or whether they needed to adjust their inventory to meet customer needs better.

Online Commerce

If you have an online store or know how to build one, this is a great way to earn money before Christmas. You can sell products like toys and other Christmas-related items through your website. You can also sell gift cards for popular brands like Amazon, Walmart, or iTunes so people can use them as gifts for friends and family members.

Selling things online is a great way to make money in your spare time and during the holidays. You can sell anything from clothes, toys, and accessories, to books and electronics. Many websites allow you to create an account and sell products without spending money upfront. The best part? You don’t even have to leave your house! All you need is a PC or laptop with internet connectivity.


A good photography hobby can be an excellent way to make money before Christmas. If you have a camera and know how to use it, you can make money by taking photographs for other people. You can offer your services as a wedding photographer, event photographer, or pet photographer. Also, You could also create a business offering portrait photography for children, families, and pets.

You can also sell prints of your photos online through sites such as Etsy or Zazzle or sell them on eBay. The key to success is to establish a niche so that people know what kind of images they’re looking for when they search for your name.

If you’re starting, try taking photographs of anything and everything — even if it’s not in your area of expertise — so that people can get a feel for your style and see how well you capture light and color.

Web Development

Web development is one of the most profitable hobbies. It can be a great way to make money because it requires only a computer and an internet connection, which are relatively inexpensive compared to other businesses.

The best way to make money from web development is by selling your services as a freelancer. You can also start your own web design company or create your product and sell it online.

Web developers are in demand in almost every industry, especially e-commerce websites and social media marketing.

Private lessons

If you know how to play a musical instrument or can teach another skill like dance or painting, think about offering private lessons. Also, If you’re good at something, why not teach others how to do it? If you know how to cook, teach people how to make their favorite recipes. And If you take good photographs, offer photography classes. 

If you’re good at something, consider starting an online course so people can learn from the comfort of their own homes or offices. You may need to be certified by whatever organization governs the activity, but once you are, the sky’s the limit. You can always start with teaching family and friends for a fee if being certified takes time.

Coaching and Consulting

Coaching and consulting are great ways to make money from your hobbies. You can coach people on any topic you’ve mastered or consult them about how to solve a problem in their business.

Coaching people on that topic can be very profitable if you’re an expert at something, whether it’s fitness, cooking, or home decor. If you have a specialty skill like carpentry or sewing, you can also develop an online course and sell it on sites like Udemy or Skillshare.

Suppose your hobby is something more abstract, like photography or graphic design. In that case, you might consider offering consulting services for businesses and other organizations needing help with their marketing campaigns or social media presence.

Social Media Management

Social media management is one of the most popular and profitable hobbies. The job has become so popular that even companies are outsourcing this work to freelancers. Social media managers can earn up to $30 an hour, a decent amount of money for a hobby.

If you want to start your own social media management business, you need to have excellent knowledge of all the major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. You should also know how to use their APIs to automate some tasks.

Wedding Planning

A lot of people will be getting married, especially since there were a lot of postponed ceremonies due to the pandemic. This will mean that many people will be looking for wedding planners. If you have some experience in the business field, then it is time to put it to use.

You can start by offering your services on social media, Craigslist, or other platforms where people advertise their services. You can also create your own website where you offer your services and charge a fee for every client that signs up.

Hobbies are great fun and can teach you additional skills that can help you in your professional life. If you have time, why not get paid for your hobby? Hobbies are great money-makers if you have the time. You could even set this up as a side project and build it into something more lucrative.