4 Expert Tips to Follow to Build a Successful Business Blog

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Bringing your business to the next level can feel like a challenge. But if you’re using consistent marketing and strategically building your brand, you can find success. 

One of the best ways to bring in new customers and get your business known by many is through a blog. So here are four expert tips to follow to help you build a successful business blog. 

1. Pick Broad Blog Topics 

When you decide to create a blog for your business, you want to make sure there are endless possibilities for content. You’ll want to create a blog that you’ll be able to constantly update. This way, you will always have content that points back to your business and can reach more people. 

Even if your business is very niche, you don’t have to make every single piece of content about the specifics of your business. Try to use the pillars that you built your business on to guide your content. If your brand is sustainable or eco-friendly, you can use that as a whole batch of content. Pick Blog topics that you can use multiple times and speak to your business.  

Overall, make sure that your blog content relates to your industry and points back to your business, even if it is a fun piece about something that feels a little bit unrelated. 

2. Create a Clean Design

Have you ever tried to read an article on a blog website and been bombarded with photos interrupting the flow of the piece? An expert tip that keeps people reading your blog is to have a clear and clean design. 

You want to make it easy for people to find other articles that they might be interested in reading as well. You can do this by having a suggestion of different blogs populate at the bottom of a piece.

Keep your blog design on brand with the rest of your business. This ensures that readers will know that they are reading your business’s content. There are plenty of templates out there that you can choose from. Or work with website designers to create something unique for your brand. Most importantly make sure your blog looks natural to a reader.

3. Build a Team to Run Your Blog 

Adding a blog to your business’s marketing strategy is necessary to get ahead of the competition. While it may seem fun and easy to manage at first, people make entire careers out of maintaining blogs. 

Running a blog isn’t just about writing and posting consistently. It also involves creating a schedule of posts, researching topics, learning how to use SEO, and optimizing your content. All of this is enough to consider building a whole team to seamlessly run your blog. 

If you already have star content marketers on your team, you can tap into them to help run your business’s blog. Another way to make sure your blog runs smoothly is to work with a digital marketing agency. Some agencies have specific branches just for content marketing. They’ll do the research, and make sure that your blog always has content that will bring in new customers to your business. There are some pros and cons to working with digital marketing agencies. Intergrowth offers great advice to help guide your decisions and offer more details as you build your business’s blog. 

Even if you decide to run your blog internally, it’s better to work with others to brainstorm and research blog topics. This will help keep your blog looking fresh and allow you to be creative in your content marketing strategies. 

4. Write Great Content

While this tip may feel like a no-brainer, it’s no secret that there is lots of bland blog content out there. Thousands of blogs get published every day. When a potential customer comes across your blog you want them to enjoy what they’re reading. 

Reading a great article can persuade a customer to become curious about your business. They may even click the links on your blog to check out your products and services. Writing great content can bring in new customers. It will also expand your business’s reach in your industry and target markets. 

A successful business blog can even become a resource to other people in your industry. If you have great content, you’ll have engaged readers that can turn into new customers. 


Building a blog for your business is a strategic move to help push your business to the next level. Creating a successful blog takes creativity and a team that is passionate about crafting great content for your business. Whether it’s in-house or with a digital marketing team, it’s worth putting in the time and energy to build a successful blog.