4 Tips To Use Wikipedia Page As A Marketing Tool

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Wikipedia page is the most powerful weapon for anyone. It is considered as the free encyclopedia and has become the most preferred source of information. And it is the first stop of every Google researcher to learn about any subject. 

The website states facts and information in a very formal and professional tone.  People use the website to talk about themselves, their brands, and more.  But now, the website is being used as a marketing tool by businesses. 

They are using Wikipedia to introduce their businesses. It helps them drive traffic to their site, build credibility and enhance visibility to the customers. 

There are many ways you can use Wikipedia as a marketing tool. Here is a list of some tips that will help in using Wikipedia to your advantage and using it as a marketing element for your business

Create A Wikipedia Page

 To use Wikipedia Page as a marketing tool, first, you have to create a Wikipedia page. If you are unsure about it, you can hire Wikipedia page creation services

The page will act as a source of information for Google’s knowledge graph. It is important for the markets to understand the popularity of the platform to use this properly. You have to take care of several things while creating a Wikipedia page, such as the notability – it is a test that the editors use to decide whether a topic has to be chosen from publication or not. 

Before writing a Wikipedia page for your company, make sure that the topic you choose has in-depth coverage from reliable sources. Meeting the independent criteria when selecting a topic is important to ensure. 

The Wikipedia Backlinks

Wikipedia builds itself as a reliable source and incredibly high-profile website. It is full of authority.   However, Wikipedia backlinks are no-follow; for SEO experts, it seems like it has no value. But in reality, Wikipedia backlinks have significant value in making your brand visible.

The Wikipedia backlinks have the power regarding authority and positioning when cited in Wikipedia articles. You can also consider adding intext links that lead to another Wikipedia page.  This could also be a source to fit into your articles. 

In Wikipedia, dead link opportunity is also good. Your content is what Wikipedia moderators look for. 

Monitor Your Wikipedia Presence 

You need to monitor your Wikipedia page constantly, just like you watch any other marketing strategy. When you observe Wikipedia marketing, you have to be sure that no one else manages it.  While monitoring the Wikipedia page content, you can use different approaches. 

Make sure you have an active Wikipedia account. And now, because you already have a Wikipedia page and marketing content on your Wikipedia page, you just have to add your business or personal email. By this email, you will receive a notification from Wikipedia.   

Wikipedia allows you to sign up for notifications whenever your content gets edited. Then you can easily navigate to your Wikipedia page, and on the right-top-hand side, you will see preferences. Click on it, and you will see the notification.  

After opening the notification tab, you will see options for setting about receiving and frequency of notification. 

Keep The Page Up To Date

No doubt Wikipedia provides good potential for marketers because of the high authority. All the information on Wikipedia is verified and has high accuracy. It is important to update the information on the Wikipedia page; it reflects a high degree of accuracy.  

If you maintain updated content on Wikipedia, you are indirectly increasing your brand’s trust online. You can consider that if your clients find inaccurate information, this can affect their confidence and affects the brand credibility. 

 You don’t want to share misguided or old information with your audience. The lack of accuracy will affect your brand negatively. This can also lead to Wikipedia page removal. Therefore, if you aim to appear at the top, then your content has to be updated timely. 


So, these are some of the tips for using Wikipedia as a marketing tool. You have to ensure that your content is informational and factual base. You should not use a commercial tone, and your content should not be promotional – this will lead to the rejection of your page. 

But you can use the platform indirectly to build trust and credibility among your customers. You can attract new customers by enhancing visibility through the Wikipedia page. Not only this, but the no-follow links can help you to drive traffic to your site and grow sales.