5 Amazing Pool Addition Ideas You Should Get Before Next Summer

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Swimming pools are a delightful feature for any property. Pools alone add more value to a home and provide more opportunities for fun and parties. However, pools are pretty adaptive as they can accommodate various add-ons. With a small investment, you can have these additions to your pool. Simple changes, upgrades, and add-ons can add more value to your pool. You can make the most out of it with a very small investment.

In this blog, we have talked about small additions which don’t cost much but add a lot of value to the functionality and appearance of your pool. Keep reading this blog for ideas to upgrade features and enhance the style of your swimming pool.

1. Include a Tanning Ledge

If you live in California, the weather is pretty kind in summer to give you the tan you have always wanted. You don’t need to go to a beach and lie down for hours for getting a glorious tan. Install a tanning ledge for your pool. It is a very popular pool addition in California because you don’t need to spare a day to go to the beach, or you don’t need to break off from your schedule. With this small and simple installation, you can keep basking in the sun for as long as you want to while carrying on with your scheduled tasks. To make your pool more appealing, you can include in-pool loungers as well.

2. Go for a pool liner

A pool liner can change the way your pool looks. It is just wallpaper. If you are looking for a particular design for your pool inside, you can think of getting new pool lining. They can change the overall appearance of the pool, without costing you much money. Some of the pool work is pretty expensive. Tiles, designing, and construction- all add to the cost of swimming pool renovation. Instead, a pool liner is very cost-effective as well as a quick way to change the outlook of your pool.

3. Change the Waterline Tile

A waterline is 6 inches border that runs along the water line. They cover the entire perimeter of the pool. Waterline can be made of acrylic tiles, the material used in the pool, or any other material which you fancy. It can affect the overall appearance of the pool. If you wish to upgrade your pool with a minimum possible budget, then changing the waterline tile can make your pool unique, distinguishable, and attractive. This is an inexpensive way of upgrading because it does not involve swimming pool digging. A six-inches border around the pool is a budget-friendly, clean, and hassle-free approach to give a new look to your pool.

4. Get new tiling and coping

Or if budget is not a limitation, you can always go for new tiling and coping. What better way to enhance the appearance of your pool, than getting new tiling. You can go for solid tiling, or there can be a pattern of tiling. You can also include artwork, and water features to make your pool more natural, vibrant, and functional. If your previous tiling is in bad condition, then you must not delay it because it is a functional as well as a safety requirement.

5. Add fun features

Make your swimming pool an instant catch with the help of simple features such as slides, pool floats, a diving board, and so on. Other than buying stuff for use inside the pool to add more fun, you can also consider adding amenities such as a grilling station and showers. If you wish to host pool parties we suggest you invest in buying pool start-up kits, Bluetooth speakers, and above-ground pool kits for your guests. With these additions, you can make your guest’s pool time more convenient, safe, and fun. They will have a lot of activities to engage in.

Final Word

When it comes to Bay area swimming pool renovation, you might think of hiring Bay Area Pool Contractors and Swimming Pool Digging in Bay Area. But, none of it is necessary. You don’t have to go all the way for upgrading your swimming. There can be cost-effective as well as simple things that can help you enhance the appearance and functionality of a swimming pool.

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