5 Best Inspiring Animation Blogs for Fun Learning

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Who doesn’t love to read blogs? They’re the best when it comes to reading something right from the writer’s heart. Unlike articles and guest posts, blogs do not talk strictly about facts and figures. Rather, they are happy-go-lucky writings that motivate us all in our lives. But it does not necessarily mean that blogs ditch the informational part entirely; blogs entertainingly educate people.

Irrespective of the business niche, industry, or profession, they provide valuable information to the readers. Eventually, you can even commence your 3D animation agency startup if you go through the reads passionately.

Hence, the purpose of blogs is to enlighten, educate, and keep the readers’ curious levels high at all times. This is high time indeed for ambitious animators like you to get on the roller coaster ride. Why not enjoy learning animations in the most fun-loving way possible? But wait, where to go? Well, this post will reveal the best places you can visit. So, buckle up your belts and enjoy riveting motion graphics enlightenments on the web. Below are the best animation blogging platforms to learn new tricks and techniques:

1. The Animation Blog

As the name suggests, you can read tons of blogs here regarding animation. It’s like a huge library of motion graphics databases. Hence, animators from all circles with different skillet can benefit from the Animation Blog platform. Here you’ll find engaging blogs that discuss animations’ past and present dynamics. It means there are plenty of revivals of forgotten techniques and get fascinations by new-fangled motion graphics you were unaware of.

We advise you to go through different blogs on the Animation Blog platform and bookmark the best ones. Furthermore, the Animation Blog includes a variety of topics and blog types. You can find reads ranging from 3D learning, multimedia, music videos, and motion picture trailers.

Indeed, it is a highly sought-after visual effects publisher for those interested in learning more about animation design. Viewers can watch short animated films or learn more about graphic arts and visuals. They can use multimedia presentations, leave messages/opinions, and blog about their experiences. The Animation Blog platform is one of the best places for people who want to become experts in video animation to share information and exceptional animation ideas.

2. 3D Total Publishing

If you are looking for a dedicated 3D arts and visual learning platform, this is it! Not only individuals fond of three-dimensional artworks come here, but also full-scale 3D animation companies are regular visitors. Visual arts at the 3D Total Publishing platform is breathtaking. You will instantly fall in love with them. Here you can also find resources to master a specific skill in 3D animations. Of course, how can we forget the books; good reads to help you groom your 3D graphics capacities

Unquestionably, the 3D Total Publishing website is an all-inclusive three-dimensional artwork treat. There’s plenty of room for everyone to demonstrate talents in the platform’s startling visual category. The best part is that the resources section contains plenty of practical tutorials to help you learn everything proficiently. You can also browse the book section to find your favorite one out of thousands available. 2d and 3d animation company also provide the latest updates and news for current and upcoming 3D works. As well, promotes award-winning masterworks by globally acclaimed 3D art experts.

The site is filled with joy in ways unimaginable. If 3D art is your artless strength, then there is no better platform than this. So, stop waiting and head straight to the 3D Total Publishing platform. Enjoy free tutorial learning, view galleries for inspiration, and catch special fresh 3D-oriented features. You can also visit them on Facebook and Twitter.

3. Upcoming Pixar

Owned and pampered by motion graphics and visual artists of the Walt Disney Company, Upcoming Pixar is your go-to if Disney-esque artistic crafts are your thing. It is a dedicated blog section of the Pixar Planet website with some of the stuff for enthusiastic future animators. Since it’s a big name in the animation industry, you’ll catch up on some of the best and finest animatronics ever.

Moreover, you can also visit Pixar’s official website and enjoy some great perks here. Theatrical Shorts, for instance, are appetizers if you’re hungry for brief wholesome animation works by the best artists out there. So, good luck on your journey, and we wish you enjoy your stay here and learn something cool and Disney-ish.

4. Cartoon Brew

Probably one of the most ancient animation platforms on the web. Here you can create mind-stirring motion graphic stews and ‘remain in your sauce’ (a ‘Spanish proverb’). But still, the question arises: why should you visit this place? Well, it’s been there since time immemorial or when animations were gaining ground. Cartoon Brew is like the mentor of many new-fangled animation platforms thriving online. You can also follow CB on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Amidi’s platform has been posting the latest news, upcoming animation works, unique concepts, and innovative animation ideas since 2004. Over the years, the CB platform has come far – with far-fetched animation knowledge.

Here you can find great articles on a variety of topics. Here you can learn about different hand-drawn sketching techniques, stop motions, visual effects, and cutting-edge CGI. We are feeling happy to inform you that the EV platform is following the footsteps of these 3 Animation Bigwigs.

Cartoon Crew keeps you well-informed about things happening at the Big Animation Houses like DreamWorks, Disney, and Pixar. Surprisingly, our platform is a bit more affordable – quite extensively to save good boatloads of cash.

5. Animation Mentor

AM is a great place to sign up for membership and enjoy mentorship from the cream of the crop animators. Here you can acquire knowledge from award-winning animators and those consistently flourishing in their innate artistic game. Animation Mentor is a place where you can learn from motion graphics wizards. It’s true because you will find experts from DreamWorks, Pixar, and other notable animation studios here. You can also follow them on their social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Final thoughts

Animations is a vast field of visual arts that looks as real as dreams. Hence, anyone can create quirky imaginations on paper and screens if they got the right skills. The top 5 animation blog platforms are a good chunk of the much more available. For instance, Adobe Blog: Animate, Traditional Animation (for 2D lovers), Animation World Network, AnimSchool Blog, and Motionographer are excellent options.

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