5 Home Decor Pieces to Embrace Right Now

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What’s the best way to make your house a home? Adding details! No two homes are the same. And to make it feel like a truly comfortable space you have to add some personality. You can do this with art, furniture, and most easily with decor. So if you’re looking to freshen up your space and bring some new personality to it, here are five home decor pieces you should embrace. 

1. Curvy Decor 

In 2022 we’re all trying to feel a little more comfortable in our homes. One trend that is doing this is adding curvy decor. Even if it feels like a callback to the 70s, decor, and furniture with curves are coming out of the woodwork, and now is a perfect time to lean in. 

There are so many pieces that you can get that feature curves. If you want to make a statement in your kitchen, try adding an oval-shaped island. The living room can have a flowy, natural wood coffee table. While lighting fixtures are more circular and avoid sharp edges. If you’re not sure how to add curves, check out saucer chairs or rounded couches.

Adding curves can make a space feel modern and elevated without shying away from the fun. So try adding something with a little roundness when you’re looking for new decor. 

2. Keeping it Comfy

Our homes should be sanctuaries. Places where it’s easy to wind down and be completely yourself. Adding decor is another way that you can add more comfort to your everyday life. Keep it cozy in your living room with oversize throw pillows and blankets. 

You’ll also want to add items that are soft and in more neutral or warm colors. Adding comfort to a space makes everything more relaxed and homey. And who doesn’t love a fluffy piece of decoration when watching tv in the living room? 

3. Something Sustainable 

No matter your taste or style, one of the biggest decor trends is to embrace sustainable pieces. There are so many things we use in our day-to-day lives that we throw away. But when you’re looking for pieces to add to your home, you’ll want to have items that can last a lifetime. 

Sustainable decor items aren’t just beautiful but great for your environment. Whether it’s flipping a thrifted piece of furniture or making sure that the new knick-knacks on the mantle are made from ethically sourced materials. There are tons of ways that you can become more conscious of sustainability in your home and make it look good in the process. 

4. One of a Kind 

Nothing screams personality like one-of-a-kind decor pieces. There are a couple of different trends that incorporate this unique display of interior design. The first is to add traditional decor pieces to your home. Think classic oil paintings in large golden frames or antique items on your shelves. It mixes the beauty and elegance of old styles with a modern twist. 

Another way you can do this is by supporting local or small artists and picking up some artisan decor pieces. If you have a flea market in your area, see what types of items your local artisans are creating. They might just fit perfectly into the aesthetic of your home. 

And lastly, art deco is the style everyone loves. Try adding in some gilded-age flair with gold accent pieces. You can do this with mirrors, picture frames, and even patterned wallpapers. 

5. Making it Pop 

The perfect decor piece to add interest to a room is a pop of color. Whether this is a dark neutral pop of brown in a cream room. Or an intricately patterned wallpaper accent wall. You don’t have to use color for an accent either. 

Other decor trends that you can try are textures. Playing with textures in a room can add a whole new level of intrigue. You can try finding art pieces for your wall that are 3-D. Having materials in a room that you wouldn’t expect like resin, feathers or rough wood can completely elevate your space. 


There are so many ways to make your space truly unique and intriguing. New decor trends will pop up every year and sometimes it’s a great idea to embrace what’s going on. Everyone can use a little something to keep their space fresh. So try leaning into some of these decor ideas and make your home beautiful in the process.