5 methods to Record Calls Without Anyone Knowing on Android

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Android has had the call recording function for years. Recent updates have made it possible for the other party to hear an announcement that the call has been recorded. It defeats the purpose of recording calls. You could be recording to prove that the other person is lying. Here’s how to record Android calls without the other person knowing.

Android allows you to record calls without anyone knowing

Recording conversations without consent is not only a breach of privacy but also illegal, depending on where you live. You should not record calls if it is against the law in your country or if verbal evidence is required under the law.

Use OEM Dailer App

Although the announcement feature was only introduced in Google Phone App, it is available to many OEMs such as OnePlus, Oppo, and others. The default dialer app is the same one they use. Samsung is not the only OEM that prefers its dialer app. Your phone’s dialer app will not notify the other person on the line if it has one.

You can verify if your dialer app comes from Google or an OEM by long-pressing on the dialer app.

Scroll down on the app information page and choose the App Details option. This will redirect you to the Play Store dialer app where you can find the developer of your app under its name.

If the App details option appears greyed out, the OEM likely has a dialer app.

A Third-Party Dailer app is recommended

A third-party dialer can be used to block call recording alerts from Google Phone apps. There are many third-party dialer apps available, but I recommend the True phone Dailer or Drupe Dailer. The former is a standard dialer app that allows you to record calls, but Drupe has many more features, including reminders, notes, and integration with other apps such as WhatsApp, Duo, Telegram, and email.

After downloading the app, you will need to make it your default phone dialer app. Either follow the setup process or go to Settings > Apps> Default Apps> Phone App to set it up as your default phone app.

True Phone Dailer does not default enable call recording. Launch the app and tap the three dots menu in the lower right corner. To enable it, select the Settings option.

Select I Incoming/Outgoing calls on the True Phone Settings page. Next, choose the Call Recording choice.

Toggle the Enable call recording option. This will enable the Record tile to appear on your dialer screen whenever you’re on a call.

Use Truecaller

Truecaller was created to identify who is calling before you pick up your phone. They do have a full-fledged dialer that also has call recording capabilities. You can download Truecaller from the Play Store, and make it your default phone app.

You will need to permit to enable the call recording feature. Open Truecaller, and then tap the hamburger menu at the top right corner. Select the Call Records option from the menu.

To set up the call recording, tap the Setup Now button on the next page.

Next, grant permission for storage and access to record and save calls on your device.

This is it! You have enabled Truecaller’s call recording feature.

A Third-Party Call Recording App is a good option

You can use the Google app but not the alerts. Instead, you can use a third-party recording app. Applications Automatic Call Recorder is a great choice. Open the Automat Call Recorder app from Play Store and install it. Next, grant the permissions required to complete the setup process.

All calls will automatically be recorded without your input. You can change the recording settings in-app to only record calls from certain contacts and not all. Open the More tab, then choose Settings.

Open Recording mode and turn off Contacts on the Settings page

You can now tap on Contacts to record and select the contacts whose calls you wish to record without their knowledge. The Contacts not to be ignored act as a whitelist. Calls are automatically recorded and you cannot stop or start them during the call.

Use the Google Phone App With TTSLexx Installed

TTSLexx is another way to record calls using Google Phone. Google’s text-to-speech service announces the alert message. You can switch the text-to-speech service on Android from Google to third-party services. You can turn off text to speech by using the TTSLex application.

The TTSLexx App is available in the Play Store. Open System settings > Language and input > Text-to-speech output.

Tap on the preferred engine option to select TSLexx.

Record calls without anyone knowing

Calls should be record without the caller/receiver being aware. I prefer to use a third-party call recorder app with Google Phone. This way, I don’t have to remember to record calls.

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