5 Most Recommended Tactical Box for Preppers 

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Always keep the proper equipment on hand if you want to be ready for any emergency. You might live near a fault line, in a tornado belt, or in another area vulnerable to natural disasters. You might also want to ensure that you are prepared for any emergency, natural or man-made. The right kit is also essential if you enjoy practicing your survival skills or spend a lot of time outdoors. 

Instead of wasting time scouring numerous stores for the suitable kit, think about getting a tactical subscription box. Whether you’re a seasoned outdoor enthusiast or spend most of your time there, there will be a subscription box. These boxes also make wonderful presents for friends or family members or relatives for whom you find it difficult to buy gifts. 

Suppose you’re considering getting a tactical subscription box or already have one and want something different. In that case, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve done some research to help you choose the best tactical subscription boxes for your needs and interests.

1. Crate Club 

Taping a subscription box


With Crate Club, acquiring top-notch outdoor, tactical, and survival equipment from well-known brands worldwide is simple. They stand out from other tactical box subscription services because most of their staff are survival experts, which means that subject-matter experts have thoroughly reviewed the items you’ll receive.  

You can choose from three types of crates, each designed to meet a specific need. Each box is unique and may contain items you won’t find anywhere else, including tactical vests, multitools, self-defense tools, camping gear, medical supplies, and more. 

Crate Club subscription boxes offer the following features: 

  • There are three different monthly boxes available. 
  • The contents are selected and thoroughly tested by survival experts 
  • Prepaid quarterly or annual subscriptions are available. 

The tactical boxes are available in four affordable options: Lieutenant is priced at $49.99, Captain at $99.99, Major at $199.99 for each month, and General is available at $399.99 quarterly. 


2. BattlBox 

Subscription box

BattlBox is another popular subscription box provider that offers four different subscription boxes. A basic box for people new to the outdoors includes emergency supplies, essential survival equipment, and manuals. The Advanced box, which comes with EDC and bushcraft supplies, is better suited for people who camp and hike more frequently. The Pro and Pro Plus boxes have extra supplies for seasoned survivalists. 

There is a good selection of one-off boxes you can gift in addition to the subscription boxes, such as a hunting gift box and a Safe 4 Kids box. 

Here’s why the brand is so popular among outdoor enthusiasts: 

  • Provides a range of subscription boxes, from the most basic to the most elaborate 
  • Ideal for outdoor activities, emergency preparedness, and survival 
  • There is also a subscription box suitable for gifting to children 

The Basic box costs $34.99 per month, and prices rise to include the Pro Plus box, which is currently $169.99. Shipping costs are not included.

3. Steel to Reel Club 

Cardboard box


The Steel to Reel Club subscription box, curated by experts, is a monthly subscription box that offers a variety of gear for all kinds of outdoor interests. 

The items in the box are hand-selected by a team of veterans and survivalists, and each box’s contents are made to complement one another to enhance your experience and enjoyment. 

Some of the box’s features include 

  • The contents are appropriate for outdoor pursuits and survival activities 
  • Experts assemble the box 
  • Your monthly subscription can be set up and managed online 

The Survivor box costs $35 per month, while the Survivor Elite Box costs $325. However, when you first sign up, you must commit to a three-month subscription.

4. Barrel & Blade 


To ensure that every subscriber receives the best, field-tested, expert-approved gear available, Barrel & Blade works with the foremost authorities in the field. Each box has a different theme based on the equipment and various tactical and survival situations. There are two subscription options available: Level 1 is for new preppers and has a great selection of tactical and survival gear for everyday use with an average value of $85+.  

Level 2 is the most comprehensive package with a fantastic selection of hand-selected, battle-tested tactical and survival gear with a value of over $175. Whatever strategy you decide on, you’ll be prepared for any situation. 

The monthly cost of the Level 1 box is $49.99, while the Level 2 box is $99.99.

5. Club Tac 

Man Packing box

Thanks to this monthly subscription, you can have faith in the high-quality supplies you need to survive and protect yourself. Each box contains a selection of 3-14+ carefully chosen survival and tactical items that have been tried and tested by former U.S. military personnel, survivalist experts, and technology experts.  

You can choose from one of the following crates: Standard Supply Drop, Pro Supply Drop, or Premium Supply Drop. With each box you receive and complete, you’ll level up and unlock achievements and earn rewards. 

Monthly costs for Basic Training Supply Drop are $39, Standard Training Supply Drop is $69, Pro Training Supply Drop is $98, and Premium Training Supply Drop is $169. 



Preparing for any scenario is crucial, and joining a tactical subscription box will save you from visiting various shops in search of the necessary supplies. Additionally, they are the ideal presents for those who believe they have everything! 

These boxes also give you a great chance to try out new things or venture into your old favorites seamlessly, ensuring that you are always prepared for any circumstance that may arise.