6 Digital Marketing Practices for Christmas Event

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Christmas is normally the most anticipated time for all brands and you can see Christmas marketing campaigns all over the place. From price discounts, advertising in various media, dissemination of campaigns on social networks or email marketing, everything serves to enhance the brand and make it stand out from the competition.

I believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that Christmas is a golden opportunity to win new customers and it is therefore essential to define a correct strategy. There is a wide range of actions that can make up the digital marketing strategy for Christmas in order to increase your brand’s sales. Therefore, selecting the best ideas and drawing up a suitable plan is essential to ensure success at this time of year. In fact, we at Tribo defend the importance of always drawing up good strategies.

With that in mind, I’ve separated 9 tips to optimize your sales results, especially at Christmas. Check out!

1. Re-evaluate your Christmas strategy

It is important to understand that it is possible to predict the future based on past data. In this sense, some questions should be asked to help you. Answers which offers had the best return on each channel; which keywords generated the most flow; which products were the most sold and which actions generated the most conversions.

2. Reinforce the themed design

To grab consumers’ attention and create a “Christmas spirit”, unify the layout of Christmas marketing campaigns to create a unique and attention-grabbing identity. On the blog, use the SEO strategy with more focused content for the date. Make a banner on the home page, highlighting products for that season.

3. Use of social networks

Christmas shopping usually involves a lot of research, and social media marketing can be important allies in this process. To highlight your brand in a multitude of information, it is possible to make ads segmented by audience, achieving a more satisfactory result.

4. Send marketing emails

Segment the contact list by profile and send deals accordingly to turn email marketing into an excellent tool to attract consumers to e-commerce and convert leads into sales. Important to be careful with the new General Data Protection Law (LGPD).

5. Invest in Landing Pages

Landing pages are key pieces as a strategy for Christmas digital marketing. Creating a specific one with a Christmas theme to attract customers to your website, through social networks and email marketing, generates information to direct offers to leads or to convert them into sales.

6. Inbound Marketing

The concept of Inbound Marketing emerged in the United States and can be translated into attraction marketing. The big difference between this and traditional marketing – also called Outbound Marketing – is that in Inbound, the customer is looking for the company and not the other way around. For customers to look for the digital marketing company in Dubai, it will have to produce relevant content, via blogs, videos or others. By adding content from Christmas campaigns, potential consumers will be attracted.

Phrases for Christmas campaign

In addition to these strategies I wrote about in this article, a good Christmas marketing campaign needs to be thought of in several ways. The text for Christmas store advertising is essential to communicate the advantages that your company offers. After all, to sell well it is not enough to be good: you have to be better and more attractive than all your competitors.

Create a Christmas slogan: The slogan needs to communicate the benefits the brand is offering in its Christmas campaign. Your structure should be as lean as possible and absolutely attractive. Prefer short structure, easy-to-remember phrases, presenting some benefit.

Text for Christmas campaign: The text for the Christmas campaign should also be clear and brief. A good text should have simple words, short and direct sentences, communicating the advantages of the campaign. It is important to convey a sense of urgency, without forgetting to invite a certain action.

Names for the Christmas campaign: In addition to the slogan and text, the action of the Christmas campaign needs to have a name. And that’s not all: this name has to demonstrate what the brand offers. But why give it a name? Well, this is the best way to show that the landing page, website section or email marketing is linked to the Christmas campaign. This name needs to be related to the brand that is doing the campaign, association with Christmas. Use short and simple words, abuse creativity to differentiate your campaign from all others.

With these tips, I hope you can boost your Christmas campaign with these actions that can be placed in your digital marketing plan.

It is important that you keep in mind that this is the most awaited date of the year as it presents the highest demand and sales graphs.