7 Bible Reading Tips for 2022

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The cause of this text is to offer advice that can enhance your analyzing of Scripture in 2022. Oh what a treasure chest of non secular riches God has located at our fingertips! Now extra than ever, might also the Word be sweeter than honey and extra treasured than gold.

Here are seven pointers that will help you study the Bible this 12 months.

TIP #1: Read the Bible Like Any Other Book

My first suggestion is to embrace what I call “A Better Way to Read the Bible.” Simply placed, a better way to examine the Bible is to examine it like any other e-book, this means that we examine the entirety. Think about the remaining time you examine a book that you simply enjoyed and from that you benefitted substantially. Did you study it all, or just a component? Did you read only a few sections, or did you begin at the beginning and go all of the way to the stop. I’m stating the plain, however to genuinely recognize a book, isn’t it pleasant to examine it in its entirety?

TIP #2: Read the Bible Like No Other Book

My 2nd notion is to pray. Before, all through and when you read the Bible. Here’s one in all my favorite Bible studying prayers: “Open my eyes that I may additionally see first-rate things in your regulation” (Psalm 119:18). The phrase “law” can suggest “preparation” or “teaching.” The Word of God, like no different book, includes the coaching and teaching of God. While the Bible is to be examine like every other e book, it’s also to be examine like no different book, because there is no other e book like the Bible. It is the best e-book written by God, and we want His supernatural help to understand it.

TIP #three: Get the Big Picture

When studying the Bible, always maintain in thoughts what Jen Wilkin states so succinctly, “The Bible is a ebook about God.” I take this to intend that the Bible is basically or in particular approximately God. It is His autobiography. Until only some years ago, this become a brand new idea for me and a tough tablet to swallow, so I know it is able to come as a marvel to a few. But like existence itself, the Bible isn’t always more often than not approximately us. Sure, we’re there, too, and the Bible has plenty to mention about you and me. But we’re no longer the point of interest. God is. Therefore, each time you read the Bible, ask the query, “What does this passage train approximately God (Father, Son and Spirit)?” And then ask, “What is my response to this coaching about God?”

TIP #four: Write Down Your Thoughts

Write down your answers to the ones two questions in Tip #3. Maintain a Bible Reading Journal. This doesn’t must be fancy. Record your mind in a word processing document or a spiral pocket book. I usually research and keep greater after I interact with the cloth I’m analyzing. Don’t simply study and pray. Whenever possible: Read, pray and write. Even higher: Pray, Read, Pray, Write, and Pray.

TIP #five: Make a Commitment to Read the Whole Bible (or at least the New Testament)

Yes, I’m circling returned to Tip #1 – to apprehend any e book, it is great to examine the whole thing. Resources abound to help you try this. Bible Reading Plans are a terrific region to start, so seek on line and locate one that you like. Then… Go For It! By the grace of God and for the consideration of God, it could be performed.

Here’s how I’ve been drawing close the task to examine the complete Bible. For numerous years I’ve been studying the whole New Testament in a 12 months. This may be accomplished by way of analyzing one bankruptcy an afternoon, five days every week. Then, each two or 3 years, I study each the Old Testament and the New Testament in a yr. This is how I’ve been doing it for the beyond 15 years, and it has labored nicely for me.

If you are new to the Bible or if studying the whole Book seems too intimidating proper now, why no longer begin with the New Testament? Eventually, though, you will need to read each Testaments; your understanding of the New Testament will skyrocket to a new stage while you examine and recognize the Old Testament. And whilst become the final time you study most effective the closing 25% of a ebook?

TIP #6: Get Help to Understand What You Read

Regardless of how you study it, take advantage of the numerous brilliant sources which can useful resource in your expertise of the Bible. God has given the Church many presents. One of these gifts is informed Bible instructors who have spent years studying the Bible in an effort to help God’s human beings to understand it.

The Bible is each one Book and a Book of Books. As you examine thru the Bible, take time to get the big photo of each person ebook. A correct look at Bible have to have an introduction and an define of every book, that you would do properly to read and use to navigate that particular ebook. Another essential thing of the Bible is the style of literary genres which are discovered in Scripture. Again, find a look at Bible that will help you study what these genres are and the way they range.

TIP #7: Search Your Heart for the Answer to This Huge Question

Finally, permit’s no longer neglect the “Why” question. You’re analyzing this article due to the fact you want to study the Bible. That is such a precise thing, or so it’d appear. But why? What is your purpose? That is such an crucial question. It is an issue of life and dying. I reflect onconsideration on this plenty due to the fact I realize that my reasons for reading the Bible have no longer constantly been pure.

How approximately you? How do you solution the query, “Why do I want to study the Bible?” The proper believer reads the Word of God mainly to recognize and glorify the God of the Word. There is a massive distinction between reading for the motive of knowing about God and analyzing for you to know God. May the latter be your purpose, no longer the former.

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