7 buying motivations to boost your sales!

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Purchasing motivations drive us as consumers. We all seek to satisfy something within us before making a purchase. You can try to satisfy a sudden craving, please your loved ones, or play it safe. Luxury brands are also experts on this subject. Thus, brands have a role to play in these motivations, provided that they are properly identified. To be continued, the 7 main motivations for consumer purchases in 2022!

Purchasing motivations linked to pride and prestige

Let’s start by discussing purchase motivations related to pride. A major component of the SONCAS method, this motivation refers to Premium offers, which stimulate self-esteem. There is a whole commercial vocabulary to speak the same language as people hungry for prestige. Brands positioning themselves as high-end will often use the same terms in their advertising campaigns. Here are some examples of themes illustrating this idea:

  • personalization of the product/service: selected, for you, sorted, etc.
  • insist on the need: essential, fundamental, indispensable, etc.
  • play on the rarity of the offer: unique, exception, never seen, etc.

The luxury industry is the sector that most cultivates this mentality of prestige. To tell the truth, luxury watches know how to hold their own very well. This article explains behind the scenes of a booming market, which is written by the article writers for hire to help others.

Saving money is a strong purchase motivator

Let’s continue with another aspect of the SONCAS method: money. It goes without saying that the price is now a major criterion in the passage to the act of purchase. This is all the truer when we know that 2023 will be synonymous with recession.

Masters of purchase motivations, pricing strategies are at the center of the marketing mix of for-profit structures. Here, the sales pitch is based above all on various data:

  • comparison with the prices charged by the competition
  • evolution of business growth
  • consumer statistics on value for money

More often than not, consumers will overlook quality over price.

Pleasure and comfort: hedonic motivations

Sometimes it is hedonism that governs consumers’ buying motivations. In other words, desire, personal fulfillment takes precedence over any rational aspect. For example, a craving for ice cream in the summer fits this description perfectly. The pleasure and the urge to cool off are simply too strong to resist the temptation.

Thanks to this technique, brands play on positive feelings among consumers. This is also the perfect opportunity to maintain a high level of satisfaction. Indeed, these emotions cause a strong attachment between the customer and the brand.

Think of others before thinking of yourself

No more self-gratification, here we are talking about satisfying others. Typically, brands stimulate this buying motivation with the following argument: “enjoy yourself by pleasing your loved ones. In this context, the holiday seasons are strategic times for gift/souvenir companies.

Also, keep in mind that consumers buy a product because they identify with it. As soon as a gift has a high price, it is essential to bring together two elements:

  • Quality: meticulous craftsmanship, a unique, customizable, reusable object, etc.
  • Altruism: even if it means spending a tidy sum for a gift, as long as it provides as much satisfaction to the giver as to the receiver

Novelty always sells

Consumers are constantly on the lookout for something new. This is why brands must innovate more and more to stand out from the competition. Recently, many brands have made a name for themselves by innovating with packaging. Some sectors, such as luxury, have even managed to create a real parallel market thanks to their packaging.

Nevertheless, let’s get along. By novelty, we insinuate everything that is outside of what we already know. The agri-food sector illustrates this very well, since the trend is towards rationalization rather than innovation. Thus, to attract the attention of consumers, it is necessary to keep several elements in mind:

  • Innovation is found in products and services that are unusual in the eyes of consumers
  • Advertising campaigns around innovative offers must contain the appropriate language elements. For example, it is possible to insist that your product is “the latest innovation” in the sector. These sales pitch alone will give your customers the feeling of increasing their social status.

Purchase motivations driven by safety

The need for security comes just after the physiological needs of Maslow’s pyramid. So, it is therefore not surprising to note the importance of this notion among the motivations for purchase. In short, your prospects must be certain of their purchases. It is therefore essential to reduce any perceived risk in your offer.

Therefore, the seller must adapt his sales pitch to the customer he has in front of him. You have to reassure him, highlight the benefits of his product/service. In this sense, here are some ideas to reach the paroxysm of security on your offer:

  • A responsive, efficient and human after-sales service
  • Transparent traceability, if possible, with local production to strengthen your sales pitch
  • “Satisfied or refunded “policies to assure your prospects that customer satisfaction will be at the rendezvous

Identity: assertiveness

It is very difficult for brands to establish their marketing targeting when consumers are desperate to differentiate themselves. In this case, the best practice to adopt is to personalize your offer as much as possible.

Indeed, self-expression allows consumers to assert themselves in society. This is one of the reasons why luxury brands are so valuable, because they help to reinforce the personality of the individuals who buy their products. This is all the truer today, in a society based on skills and values.