7 Common Misconceptions About Private Jet Charter

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A private jet is commensurate with convenient and comfortable travel. In this fast-paced life, people prefer those means of traveling that are faster, more comfortable, and offer privacy. That is why people charter flights to Saudi Arabia and around the world to experience the luxuries of private jets and have the best experience during the trip.

Furthermore, the pandemic has accelerated the demand for private jets making more people taste the luxuries and switch to private jets. Private jets have benefited businessmen mostly. For them, time is money which is why they prefer fast means of travel to utilize most of their time. It offers the luxury of customizing the services, and you can get a chef depending on the size of the jet you book. Yes, the level of luxury upgrades according to the jet size. Aside from that, the fact that you can bring your beverages and accompany your pet are other major benefits private jets offer over commercial flights.

Having said that, some misconceptions still confuse people and hamper them from tasting the utmost comfort and luxuries that come with chartering a private jet. Without further ado, let’s debunk the myths to reveal the truth.

1.   Booking Private Jets Is A Hassle

Most people, especially first-time travelers, assume that chartering a private jet is more complicated than commercial flights. We believe that things that offer advantages and luxuries are not easy to get. Well, private jets do not come on the list of things that are harder to acquire.

As a matter of fact, the private jet charter is quite simple and easier than commercial flights. Unlike commercial flights, you do not have to search all over Google to find a suitable flight. Furthermore, private jets offer immediate flights as well. Visit the website of a trusted aviation company, fill in the date, time, and destination you want to travel to, and the company will suggest to you the available jets. They also offer membership cards, thereby offering convenience to frequent travelers.

2.   Buying Jets Is Better Than Chartering

Many people claim that buying a private jet is more affordable than chartering one. However, the reality is totally opposite. Buying a jet may be a good decision if you are a frequent traveler and have the budget it requires. Having said that, be mindful that the expenses are not limited to purchases. Buying a jet brings with it many other responsibilities like fueling, maintenance fees, staff, and parking costs. On the contrary, chartering private jets does not offer such responsibilities. Fixed-route programs and membership cards make it more cost-effective than buying.

3.   Commercial Flights Are Safer

Some people do not accept change easily. They assume that the methods they use are safer and best than others. Nevertheless, new inventions bring with them more convenience for the well-being of people, and the case of private jets is no different.

Private jets offer the utmost safety as well. Aviation companies hire experienced pilots, and the fleet goes through inspection before taking off. Furthermore, you can check the AOC to ensure the safety standards of the company you are choosing.

4.   Private Jets Do Not Spare You Security Lines

People think that they will have to tolerate the long queues for security checks similar to commercial travel. The good news is that you won’t. Private jet companies work by FBOs working on the passage specially made for private jet travelers, making the checking procedure faster and more comfortable.

5.   Not Everyone Can Charter Private Jets

Although the ratio of private jet travel has increased after the pandemic, some people still think of it as a dream still today. They are of the opinion that private jets are suitable for millionaires, elites, and businessmen only. It does have more cost, but the money is worth the comfort, privacy, luxury, and hassle-free travel it offers. You can also take advantage of empty-leg flights for cheaper travel than standard prices.

6.   You Still Face Delays In Bad Weather

Canceling flights in case of bad weather is the most frustrating part people experience during commercial travel. Having said that, if you avail aircraft charter services, you can travel even in bad weather because, unlike commercial flights, aviation companies have flexible rules. In fact, some jets fly at high altitudes and remain unaffected by the weather.

7.   Private Jets Have Access To Limited Destination

Let’s bust the misconception. Private jets have access to more destinations than commercial flights. So, chartering jets offer to land closer to the destination.

The Takeaway

Suffice it to say that private jets have much to offer compared to commercial flights. So, charter a private flight for your next trip and enjoy the comfort, luxury, and safety it offers.