7 Millionen Downloads: Malware tarnt sich als harmlose Android-App

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7 Millionen Downloads: Malware tarnt sich als harmlose Android-App

You’ll find new Android apps not only through the Google Play Store, but also through social media advertising. However, cybercriminals frequently use this source to lure you into downloading their malware. In addition, a new group of applications is iforgot apple now in the works that will automatically install on your smartphone when you download them.

In The Google Play Store, I Discovered A Number Of Bizarre Android Apps.

Experts from McAfee’s Anti-Viren arvig webmail -Program recently released an analysis of a new malware that spreads through Android apps. They provide a bogus cleaner app or promise to optimise your system or your battery. In addition, you might download five examples from the Google Play Store:

  • Professional Rubbish Remover
  • EasyCleaner
  • The Power Doctor
  • Getting Rid of Pet Hair
  • Exceptionally Well Maintained

According to a McAfee report, more than a million users have already been affected. BleepingComputer, on the other hand, places a much higher value on the number of victims, reporting that the malware family has been downloaded seven million times.

Your Computer Is Infected With Malware.

Additionally, you can hide on your smartphone using Android apps’ perfect methods. If you want to get rid of the default Cleaner app from your phone, you won’t have to look far.

Sudden changes in the name and icon of the application occur at irregular intervals. In this case, the malware mimics other applications on the system or even the Google Play Store itself. If you suddenly discover a second app for “settings” on your smartphone, it’s a malicious clon.

This Is How Your Applications Work On Your System.

You’ll know you’ve downloaded a malicious app when you start seeing advertisements on your Android phone without doing anything. You should be prompted to download additional malware in this way. Most of the time, the game is not immediately obvious because it may just as easily be legitimate advertising in legitimate apps on your device.

The above-mentioned Android apps have vanished from the Google Play Store after being flagged as malicious by McAfee. “Continuous new variations” are being developed that necessitate further expansion.

Installing a Virenscanner on your phone is the best way to protect yourself against malware. Even in the Google Play Store, you should be wary about an application’s credibility based on its reviews and overall appearance.