8 Awesome Tips to Hire Movers for Home Relocation

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Moving into a new city is not an easy task we all know! If you get the support of an excellent moving partner, then this task will become easy. So, that’s why we collected the 8 best tips to help you to choose the right movers for home relocation.

Before we discuss choosing the best packers and movers, a few things you always remember, you must begin moving firstly you prepare your home for the move. Declutter all the unwanted goods that you don’t want at your new destination address. You’ll be surprised how many clothes, utensils, and other odds and ends we don’t need at home.

If you do this before moving, you take one step forward to choosing the right packers and movers for your shifting. So, now let’s talk about the best tips to help you to choose the best packers and movers. Please read it carefully and implement these suggestions when planning to move.

  1. Research is everything

Hiring a reliable moving is totally individual responsibility. Customers must use their common sense while hiring a packers and movers firm. We always try to do it for cheaper rates and that is where we fall into the trap of these fraud-moving companies. Do some background checks on their past works. Ask for references from their past clients. Ask as many questions as you have related to your relocation for clearing your doubts.

Look for their professionalism and do complete in-depth research about moving companies before hiring them because your goods are precious to you. They are your lifetime collection and you can’t compromise the safety of your precious goods for slight money? These fake movers will always offer you a good deal at cheap rates. But be aware before taking that deal. Consult 3 or 4 packers and movers of Bangalore before making any deal.

  1. Check moving company experience

Are they new to the market and business, or have they been in the industry for long?

We know that experience is the most important part of everything, so it is advisable to hire an experienced service provider. It is also worth the try if the movers and packers are new but have a good list of satisfied customers, competitive rates, and all documentation is valid.

This is also right that big brands may charge you high for even a small shifting project because of their high-quality service and brand value. Be clear of your shifting need and ask them to provide you with a reasonable quote.

  1. Don’t hire movers with duplicate names

There are lots of fake and duplicate relocation service providers available in the market. People don’t know about them and they get trapped by them easily.

Say, for example, lots of companies copy the name of the top brand by just changing a little bit of spelling in their brand name. It is really difficult for individuals to recognize these fake movers. We will advise people when you hire a shifting service provider to check their all legal documents like GST registration, office address, review of past customers, check their website, etc.

If you find many bad reviews and customer complaints about a particular service provider then you must need to avoid them and go with another company!

  1. Always hire IBA Approved packers & movers

Why are you wasting your time on the internet or asking your friends when you can easily hire IBA Approved packers and movers by visiting the online reference portal call2shift on this site you will get a complete list of trusted moving services providers.

  1. Check whether they provide insurance or not

It is an important aspect which should be considered. A trusted and reputed company will always try and suggest insurance coverage to keep you safe in case of any damage, which is a genuine possibility during the transition of goods.

  1. Are they providing services for pets, plants, and vehicles?

In case you have special requirements such as moving your pets, fine art, or vehicles, it is better to choose a company that also offers a one-stop-shop solution for relocation. Make sure you choose a relocation company that can do this for you and your regular staff’s transportation.

  1. Check they give pre-move survey & get estimates

If you don’t get into the trap of a possible moving scam, you must invite packers and movers marketing executives to do a pre-move survey. Once the pre-move survey is done, the moving company will be able to give you precise shifting estimates.

While movers come to your home to do the pre-move survey, don’t hide even a single item show them each and every corner of your house so they can provide you an accurate shifting quote. When moving company executives doing a pre-move survey you can ask them as many questions as you want and clear you are doubts related to your shifting.

  1. Check for licenses and local registration

The ease of doing business is a buzzword today in India. But till today, if you want to start a business and register your firm, you have to produce many papers for identity, address, etc. This is good because government authorities are checking all these documents before registering a company.

Check that the company has a valid office address that can help you to be sure that the moving company you are going to hire is registered and that it’s not an individual person but a recognized company.

The first step to determine the generality of a particular relocation service provider is to see their company registration documents as an IBA-approved license, industry certification, GST certificate, TIN Number, PVT. LTD. registration, and the official address of their company, etc. It is also advisable to check for the personal IDs of the company owner like aadhar card, driving license, and PAN card in case the company has proprietorship registration.

We hope you enjoyed these tips on choosing Jaipur Packers and Movers For Home Shifting. Strictly follow the tips mentioned above when you plan to move; these tips help make your shifting experience safe and secure

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