9 Actionable Book Marketing Tips You Should Adopt

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You can’t sell a lot of books unless you’re an established writer. As a writer, you will have to learn how marketing works.

Many writers think it’s hard to learn the basics of marketing. However, the truth is that you can familiarize yourself with marketing if you’re committed to it. Keep reading this article to find nine actionable tips on how you can develop your marketing skills as a writer.

1. Fix mistakes in your book

Getting your book published and reaching out to more readers will become impossible if your book is full of mistakes. You have to ensure that your book is 100% free of grammatical and factual errors (if you’re writing a non-fiction book.)

Finding mistakes in your book can become a difficult task for you. It is therefore a better option to rely on experts to find and fix mistakes. For example, you can hire short story editing services if you can’t self-edit and want a professional to review your manuscript.

2. Don’t market to everyone

When asked, many writers claim that their upcoming book is intended for “everyone.” Remember that it’s highly unlikely for people to buy your books unless you’re the next Shakespeare or J.K. Rowling. Therefore, you should be very descriptive of people who fall into your target audience.

Make sure you decide on the genre when you start writing the book. Identify the themes that are famous in your target audience or those themes you want to discuss as a writer.

Another important thing you should focus on is learning how other writers have marketed their books in your genre. Doing so will help you pinpoint the factors that can make book marketing easier for you.

3. Create a mailing list

One of the biggest mistakes writers make is not building an email list. Remember that the best way to inform your readers about your new book is by emailing them. Any other strategy for reaching out to your audience, like using social media, isn’t as effective as email marketing.

Building your email list is not as difficult as you might think. You can get started by developing a basic website and then using MailChimp or any other tool to create your email list.

Sending emails and tracking the open rates of your emails isn’t difficult either. You can use any email marketing toolkit to send emails to all your subscribers and collect valuable insights about your email marketing efforts.

4. Get an amazing book cover


Many writers think they can design their own book cover to focus on the DIY approach. However, unless you are a skilled designer, it’s highly unlikely that you will be able to create a good book cover.

Remember that your book cover defines the contents of your books and encourages people to read your book. Therefore, you should try to get an amazing book cover that checks all your needs.

You should hire a professional book cover designer who has experience of developing book covers in the past.

5. Understand how Amazon works

Amazon is the leading platform for selling your books. If you are selling your books online, you have to know as much as you can about how Amazon works and how to market your products on this platform.

As a beginner, you should know about:

  • Keywords on Amazon
  • Amazon book categories
  • Amazon book sub-categories

You should optimize your book pages for keywords, categories, and subcategories to ensure that your book shows up to your target audience. Learning about Amazon as a writer is not difficult. You can familiarize yourself with the basics of Amazon or hire someone who can handle Amazon for you.

6. Learn from other writers

The same marketing strategies don’t work for every single writer. Therefore, writers must develop different marketing strategies based on their target audience and their specific needs.

As a writer, you should set some time aside to learn about the marketing strategies adopted by other writers. Doing so will help you learn how established writers tackled their marketing challenges. You can learn about the strategies developed by other readers by reading their interviews.

7. Run ads on Facebook

As of 2022, Facebook is still the most famous social media platform. You have to learn how you can market your books on Facebook if you dream of making more sales as a writer.

Getting started with marketing on Facebook is not difficult. All you need to do is to create your account on Facebook, and you can start posting content to engage people in your target audience.

It’d be difficult for you to attract people through Facebook if you have not been active on it for a long time. You should get started by running ads on Facebook, as it will help you find interest-based audiences without spending a ton of money.

8. Focus on social media

Facebook ad campaigns are not the only strategy that can help you sell books online. You should also try posting content on other social platforms so you can grow your audience and increase your readership.

Many writers think it’s difficult to get started on social media and post content. However, the truth is that you can create accounts on different social media platforms, create a content calendar, and handle your social campaigns in a short amount of time.

9. Publish videos

Videos have become the favorite media format over the years. However, as a writer, you might think you should avoid creating videos because you’re not a “filmmaker.”

Writers love to express themselves through written content and don’t want to switch to other types of content. However, to achieve your book sales goals, you should not overlook the importance of video content.

Getting started with video content creation has become easier nowadays. You only need a smartphone to record videos as you don’t have to buy high-end video cameras. You can also rely on easy-to-use video editing tools to edit your videos according to your specific needs.

Posting video content will not only help you engage your audience but also help you optimize for SEO and other social platforms.



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