9 Kitchen Appliances/Gadgets that Can Make Your Life Effortless

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Kitchen Appliances

If you are a foodie who likes to cook and experiment with a range of ingredients (Yes! Right from aromatic herbs to exotic vegetables/fruits), then you would also want a kitchen equipped with functional and easy-to-use kitchen appliances & gadgets. This list contains some really exciting appliances and gadgets that will enhance your experience in the kitchen. Also, we will not talk about age-old appliances like food processors & microwaves; this list is all about newer gadgets that are designed per today’s cooking needs.

Air Fryer

This is the modern (also read as right) way of eating fried snacks. I know it would be difficult to take the plunge from frying your snacks traditionally in oil to air frying it, but then it is high time you make the switch. Apart from being a healthier option, an air fryer is also a faster option. The product comes in a variety of sizes, colors, features, and price points; you can pick one as per your requirements. There are some models where one unit performs 2-3 functions (like you can get a detachable grill with a fryer); you can also check out these cost-effective options.

Electric Milk Frother

Are you a latte fan? If yes, then the electric milk frother is a small & portable gadget that you need to have in your kitchen. This gadget will help you get the perfect froth in your cold and hot milk, that too within minutes. The wand of this frother is made of stainless steel which has a long life and is totally easy to maintain; plus, it is so sleek that you can store it in any corner of your kitchen. This product is going to impress your clan when you call them over for coffee & snacks!

Meat Thermometer

This product gets a mention in this list because you can cook your proteins perfectly, only if you know at what temperature your meat is getting cooked. In fact, you need one that comes with an automatic alarm system, wherein the thermometer intimates you as soon as the meat reaches the desired temperature. This product comes in handy, even when you want to cook seafood perfectly. Also, it should be compatible with various equipment you use in your kitchen like a griller, oven, smoker, etc.

A Sous Vide Tool

Commonly, we use different styles of cooking in our kitchen like pan-frying, grilling, barbecuing, etc. But there is one cooking technique that is not possible in your personal kitchen; yes, we are talking about sous-viding. Finally, you can get an easy-to-handle sous vide tool for your kitchen and make cooking easier. You need to put your food in a vacuum-sealed pouch, put the pouch in the sous vide machine, set the cooking timer, and then forget about it. Now you know this is the way to get your chicken or steak cooked perfectly every single time!

Pasta Maker

It is high time that you stop using packet pasta and start making your own pasta that is fresh and made with your choice of ingredients. You can get a portable & chic pasta maker for yourself, which you can use to make fresh wheat pasta, multigrain pasta, and give any shape to your pasta. You would be amazed to know that pasta can be great for your health & taste delicious. If you have always fantasized about making ravioli with the choice of your filling. Then you need to go online and order a pasta maker for yourself. You can select the number and kinds of blades you want in your pasta maker and make a variety of noodle pasta & other pastas. To start with, you can opt for a manual one and. Once you become a pro, you can go for the electrical one.

Culinary Herb Scissors

Foodies have a special love for herbs growing in their gardens. Also, it is a soul-enriching experience to garnish your food with freshly bought herbs from your garden. (it is enough to make up for minor flaws in your cooking!). Having said that, it surely is a cumbersome process to chop the herbs finely. Thankfully, we can now buy culinary herb scissors that can do the job within no time. With the help of this pair of scissors, mincing fresh herbs will become an effortless job; plus getting the gadget online, is very easy. Imagine all the health benefits you can get by eating fresh herbs from your garden.

Waffle Maker

There is no going wrong with a waffle maker, especially if you are a Sunday brunch lover! Do not get skeptical about this purchase because this machine cooks not only perfect waffles in just 10 minutes.  But you can use it to make mochi, pancakes, and hash browns. On top of that, it is so easy to clean and store with little hassle. So next time you are online shopping for your daily essentials. Do add this product to your cart and enjoy its benefits. You can also get huge discounts and amazing offers on your purchase through several platforms.

Defrosting Tray

What is one of the most painful parts of cooking meat? Yes, remember to defrost it! You will not have to bear the pain of forgetting to defrost your meat. If you have to defrost- the tray in your kitchen. This is an aluminum tray that ensures that the meat is thawed within no time. From next time onwards, if you need to eat fish to nourish yourself, you need not thaw it for 12 hours in your refrigerator.