A Budget Trip To Marrakech Halal Holidays – Quick Guide

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Looking for the affordable Halal Family Holidays? I have a budget plan for you to have the best Marrakech City Break. Marrakech is the perfect glimpse of what wonderful Morocco is. The city has the finest places to visit and admire the beautiful architecture of buildings. You will have some unique experience in Marrakech and that would be enough for an incredible City-break.

What you can do in Marrakech in Budget:

Here are some of the very important places to visit and things to do in the Budget if you are in Marrakech.

Djema el Fna is the most famous:

Djema el Fna is the square of Marrakech, which means the oldest and thrilling place. Travelers are suggested to visit the place in the night because they can witness the real charms of the market at night time. Buy an orange juice from any of the good stalls and start touring the market. You can buy leather products, pottery, street food, and jewelry in the market. It will not take time to find people like jugglers, jokers, people carrying monkeys, and snakes to give you a wonderful show. Enjoy the snow, and see if there are fortune tellers around, pay them to entertain you with their predictions.

Stroll, and Shop in Old Medina:

Old city strolls are very famous to take traditional and architectural experiences. But you can shop in the stalls of old Medina. Leather, Clothes, especially the scarfs, Soaps, oil, artificial jewelry, and slippers like things can be brought from the shops in Old Medina. Don’t forget to witness the town where jews once used to live.

The oldest Educational center:

Ben Yousef Madressa is regarded as the oldest educational center in Morocco so don’t take time to visit the old archeological building. To get entrance, you will need to pay a few Moroccan Dirhams. Take pictures of rich architecture on the walls of the building. You will enjoy your visit to the Ben Yousef Madressa.

Visit Musee de Marrakech – The Best Museum:

Musee de Marrakech is a worth visiting destination to visit. It is a museum which has decoration pieces, ceramic, and other many traditional Moroccan products to witness. Get your camera and take lots of pictures inside the Museum. You have to pay a little to enter the Museum don’t worry.

What to Eat, Where to eat in Marrakech:

Eating in budget and quality both should be your priorities. You can sit in many of the good restaurants and cafes in the town. The famous dishes in Marrakech are Lamb Tajine, Chicken Tajine, Pastilla, Harira, and Kebab, etc. You can ask to offer the rice of your choice too. For sitting, Café de France and other restaurants like Backchich Café are there to have quality food. Remember, don’t go for street food. Spend good at eateries to have quality food at least. You should not compromise on your food quality during your visit to Marrakech. I wish you a good time in Marrakech.