A Guide to Choosing Bridesmaid Dress Colours

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When it comes to weddings, colour is everything. From table decor to customised dresses and accessories, colour is what brings your wedding together. It creates the aesthetic you will remember for the rest of your life. But, bridesmaid customised wedding dresses tend to reign supreme out of all the colour decisions.


Picking your bridesmaid’s customised wedding dress colours is one of the most critical tasks on your wedding to-do list after finding your venue, customised wedding dress, and choosing an aesthetic. Still, it’s not always the most straightforward decision.


First, you’ll need to decide if you want all your bridesmaids to wear the same customised wedding dress, the more traditional route. Or would you prefer a trendy mix-and-match look with various customised wedding dress styles from online tailoring services?


Next, you have to think about silhouettes, fabrics, and finally, colours that will flatter everyone—or at the very least, won’t elicit groans from an outspoken bridesmaid.


Choosing bridesmaid customised dresses to match your wedding vision is always easier when you have samples to reference. So we created this guide to the most popular customised dresses from online tailoring services.


Moreover, you might have never thought of some of these alternative options for the different colours of bridesmaid customised dresses.


While choosing bridesmaid customised dresses’ colours can be intimidating, online tailoring services are here to help. With the diverse collection of bridesmaid customised dresses available at online tailoring services and their years of experience in helping brides pull off wedding looks, online tailoring services are just the people to help you through this decision.


How to Choose a Bridesmaid Dress Colour

There’s no exact science when choosing colours for bridesmaids’ customised dresses. Still, there are tips to keep in mind to make the decision easier. It would help if you kept in mind a few things when deciding on your wedding party colour themes.


Find Your Inspiration

Sometimes, it takes one picture to inspire the colour palette for your wedding day! So, create a wedding Pinterest board and start pinning photos that inspire you.


It will be helpful later while customising your bridesmaid customised dresses. You can also take the help of online tailoring services to create a mood board for your wedding colour themes.


Location is Key

Your venue will set the stage for your wedding day, so choose colours that complement the space.


Consider Your Style

If you’re a minimalist who loves neutral, earthy colours, having a pink and orange wedding would be a bit out of your element. On the other hand, if you love colourful themes and go for brown because it is the current trending colour palette, it will not suit your personality.


Find Your Ideal Bridesmaid Dresses

Suppose you’re having trouble narrowing it down. Custom tailor your dress from Cloudtailor. Get them in a dress design for stitching you love and work with whatever colours you would love your bridesmaid to wear.


Design Your Bridesmaid Dress by Stitching

Suppose you’re particular about your attire’s colour, fabric, style, designs, and pattern. In that case, dress design for stitching in your own way is always a good option for you.


Some Bridesmaid Dress Colour Themes to Choose from

Use these examples of the best bridesmaid dress design for stitching to help your squad look amazing on your wedding day.


Pastel Metallics

A sparkly bridesmaid dress design for stitching is a stylish way to bring a glamorous vibe to your wedding. Dress your bridesmaids in complementary colours, like neutral champagne and pale pink, to achieve a romantic look.


Blush Pink

Blush is one of the most popular bridesmaid dress colours. However, the best way to incorporate it into your wedding day attire is through a mix-and-match dress design for stitching. For instance, customising a blush pink lehenga or a gown for your bridesmaids will give a stunning look to them.


Assorted Pastels

If you like the look of blush bridesmaid dresses but want to switch it up a bit, have your bridesmaids wear mix-and-match women’s custom clothing in all different pastel colours. A grouping of blush, lavender and dusty blue dresses creates an eclectic, feminine palette.


Bright Coral

Coral is a popular bridesmaid dress colour. Since the ’90s and 2000s, fashion has been back, and the wedding themes are also trending. So we can expect to see this cheerful colour back in wedding fashion because this colour is bold enough to stand on its own. We recommend contrasting coral bridesmaid women’s custom clothing with yours for the most cohesive effect.


Mix-and-Match Rosy Hues

Ask your bridesmaids to wear mix-and-match dresses in various tones, patterns, and fabrics if you love vintage style. That gives your bridesmaids the chance to customise a women’s custom clothing that they feel comfortable in. Also, they’re more likely to re-wear the dress after your wedding day.


Two-Toned Purples

Purple is another go-to wedding colour for many women. This regal hue is flattering year-round. In contrast to lavender wedding guest dresses, a palette of dark plum bridesmaid dresses is rich and dramatic.


Recommend your wedding guests and bridesmaids to get their attires custom made using bespoke tailoring to continue wearing these gorgeous outfits even after the wedding.


Custom tailoring your bridesmaid dress from Cloudtailor, the best women’s custom clothing brand that provides you with online tailoring services, will surely make your wedding day unforgettable.


Bespoke tailoring your attires from them will provide you with wonders for your wedding day. Bespoke tailoring uses designs unique to you every time you customise a women’s custom clothing. The tailors at Cloudtailor make sure all the bespoke tailoring outfits are up to the mark.


This article should help you choose your bridesmaid’s dresses’ colour themes and how you can custom tailor them through the best bespoke tailoring services from Cloudtailor.

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