A Smile is the best thing you can wear!   

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We often hear this quote, and there is no doubt that a beautiful smile makes you look more attractive. Everyone dreams of having that perfect white and bright smile. Thanks to the teeth whitening strips that help in achieving this goal. It is one of the best low-cost and practical solutions to the staining that has developed over the years that hampers your beautiful smile. Teeth-whitening strips are a well-known dental product that might be useful to reduce the discolouring of teeth and make them brighter.    

Teeth are an essential element of our entire look. With time and age, teeth begin to develop yellow stains, but there are different strategies that can be used to slow the process. One such procedure is the use of teeth whitening strips, which individuals can purchase and use to assist with eliminating stains and brightening teeth.   

This article will look at various benefits of using these strips and things to remember while using them.  

Benefits of using Teeth Whitening Strips to brighten your teeth   

In this section, we’ll see the top benefits of teeth whitening strips that help build your self-confidence and make you look powerful.   

  1. Easy accessibility: Teeth-whitening strips are very easy to use. You don’t have to consult a specialist or required a doctor’s prescription before buying the product. It is a safe process that helps in teeth whitening and boosts your self-esteem. You just need to open the packet and place the strip on top of your teeth. Gently press the strip over the stained part and allow it to sit there for the required time mentioned on the pack.   
  2. Fast results The whitening strips have a faster rate of results. Change of color is observed within a few days only. The results are reliable, and there is a high probability of long-lasting results.  
  3. Cost-effective: Most dental surgeries provide bleaching treatments that are very expensive and beyond the reach of every individual who faces the problem of yellow or dull teeth. One of the best advantages of using teeth whitening strips is that they are within the range of an average person. These strips provide excellent results at a surprisingly low cost and offer a high ROI. These strips are worth it for a fraction of the price when you can get a stunning smile.
  4. Oral Health: A healthier mouth is as important to maintain as any other part of the body. Bad breath, tooth decay, and gum diseases are such problems related to oral health, which are very significant to treat. BonAyu brings you the ultimate solution to such oral problems. BonAyu’s teeth whitening strips contain active ingredients such as coconut oil and activated charcoal. The lauric acid, one of the essential components of the coconut oil, attacks harmful bacteria in the mouth that results in bad breath, tooth decay, and causes gum disease.   
  5. Builds confidence and self-esteem: While meeting people, one thing that makes an individual appealing is their smile. When you are not confident about the viewpoint of your teeth, it’s exceptionally improbable that you’ll draw in individuals to you.   People unknowingly attach their self-esteem to their looks. Therefore, having a perfect bright smile gives a better opportunity to smile easily and interact with new people with ease and confidence. Your appearance will improve drastically.   

Things to keep in mind while using teeth whitening strips  

These days, everyone is cautious about their appearance and especially their teeth. As to get a perfect photogenic face, everybody is keen on teeth brightening. The question arises of which teeth whitening product to rely on for serving the best. Many people are turning towards teeth brightening strips as they appear to be innocuous. These strips are likewise engaging as they can be applied effortlessly.  

The following are a couple of tips to recall while applying these teeth whitening strips. 

  1. Be consistent: When you start your teeth whitening procedures, remember to be consistent with the treatment. Teeth whitening strips ought to be used on a regular basis without skipping a day. Stick to the period of time mentioned in the instructions of the product to apply the strips over the top of your teeth. Generally, these strips are intended to be applied consistently for around two entire weeks.  
  2. Brush your teeth before you apply strips: You might use a wet toothbrush before the strip application. Toothpaste with fluoride is not recommended as it can refrain the whitening agents from working effectively. After brushing, rinse your mouth completely. Brushing and rinsing specifically open pores in the teeth, which allows the strips to perform their magic.   
  3. Abstain from Uneven Whitening: You need to be extra careful while placing these strips on the teeth since they can’t cover the entire range of teeth precisely. Thus, do not be in a hurry while applying these strips and try to cover the teeth appropriately to obtain even whitening.     
  4. Strips should be used to limit: Over-use of the strips might cause sensitivity in the teeth. These strips are advised to use in moderation. They tend to improve the overall oral health, but perhaps high use of the strips might cause a long-term damage. You could use a maximum of two strips in a day.     
  5. Avoid dark pigmented foods: After the application process, give your teeth some time. The open pores of the teeth are more vulnerable to getting stained by the dark-coloured foods such as chocolate, coffee, soda, and berries.   


Teeth-whitening strips are generally a safe way of whitening your teeth, and they are a beneficial and cost-effective way to reduce/eliminate yellowed stains from the teeth. BonAyu Teeth Whitening Strips are rich in activated carbon and coconut oil, where the activated charcoal’s particles bind with rough parts on teeth, usually surface stains and plaque, making it easier to remove the yellowing substances.   



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