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The Letter of Recommendation, or LOR, is a document that gives admissions on the basis of your qualifications to the university in question. Its goal is to paint a positive picture of your experiences, accomplishments, contributions, and talents.

These letters-of-intent your total personality, shows your strengths and limitations, as well as team contribution and class participation. Previous professors, employers, clients, teachers, or counsellors typically write recommendation letters.

What Does Academic LOR Mean?

A letter of recommendation from faculty members at your current or prior educational institution is known as academic LOR. Typically institutions want two or three letters of recommendation.

If you are enrolling for undergraduate courses, LOR may be from teachers and if you’re going for Master’s or PhD programs, it could be professors from your college. Faculty Letters of Recommendation (LOR) Formats vary in substance and require the professor to highlight the applicant’s achievements as a course student. These are frequently more applicable to MS Colleges Abroad or Bachelor Courses Abroad.

How Do You Understand Professional LOR?

The majority of MBA colleges in other countries have pre-determined work experience requirements. As a result, they ask an immediate supervisor for a Professional Letter of Recommendation.

The format of a Professional Letter of Recommendation (LOR) from a Supervisor differs from that of an Academic LOR in terms of some specific content that focuses on the applicant’s ability to work in a team, domain exposure, and leadership abilities, all of which are required for the MBA course applied for.

Why Is Writing An Impressive LOR Is Necessary?

The students who are applying for abroad require an academic LOR. Whatever course you choose (MS, MBA) they require at least three letters of recommendation from either college or work experience.

An impressive LOR is necessary to get an admission in the course of your choice. Before doing MBA, MS abroad they ask you about a letter of recommendation.

Do not underestimate the value of a LOR as it is nearly as vital as your entrance essays, declarations of purpose, CV, or any other document. A letter of recommendation is a document that lends credibility to your entire profile by providing strong support from experienced and knowledgeable professors and individuals.

Difference between Academic And Professional LOR:

basis Academic LOR Professional LOR
writers Professors, Teacher Supervisors, Managers, Clients
requirements Bachelors, Masters, Research  MBA, Ph.D, Medicine, Education
No of letters required 2 to 3 1 to 2
Skills Academic performance and the ability to grasp difficult concepts. Professional behavior, team-work, and leadership qualities, etc.

How To Prepare Your LOR In A Proper Format?

The proper procedure to prepare your LOR is that in which it talks about candidate strong points and weaknesses. There are certain guidelines in a recommendation letter that you must follow and provide information about type of the organization and how long it has been in existence.

  1. An Explanation Of Their Relationship With You In A Few Words:

The letter should state how long they’ve known you and how you’ve dealt with them — as an advisor, mentor, instructor, teacher, supervisor, or co-worker.

  1. Focus On Whether The Observation Is Direct Or Indirect:

Direct observations always have a favorable impact since they provide a clear idea of the level of contact. Working directly, for example, is more valuable than being known through someone and having collaborated distantly.

  1. Your LOR Should Include A Thorough Evaluation Of Your Eligibility:

The LOR should tell you about your best qualities and with whom you have worked and what type of work you have done in the past. It should mention the suitability of you. A LOR is critically analyzed

. Therefore while writing it properly mention everything.

  1. Grades And Scores Should Not Be Mentioned:

Unless it is necessary to comprehend some academic data, a recommendation letter should never reveal grades or competitive exam scores. These have previously been discussed in your application; therefore repeating them in a LOR is a no-no.

Any personal or sensitive data about you should only be included if it is relevant or if it is deemed absolutely required.

  1. The Letter Of Recommendation Should Mention About Your Uniqueness And Contribution:

The traits and distinctive contributions that you would bring to the institution should be included in the recommendation letter – what positive changes will you bring and what new learning would you be able to contribute.

Hence keep these points in mind and prepare your letter of recommendation properly.

How Do You Define A LOR For MS Course?

Ms is a two-year postgraduate degree program offered by universities and colleges in a variety of science subjects, including physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, botany, biotechnology, microbiology, environmental sciences, food sciences, and life sciences.

Students with a Master of Science degree have scientific as well as professional entry-level proficiency. Some students in their chosen specialty will get advance theoretical and practical expertise through this course. Students usually choose the MS specialization that they studies during their undergraduate studies.

A LOR for MS course is important for the admission process that you’re applying for , it places emphasis on different aspects of your resume. This can help you position your application in accordance with the program’s standards, which will help your recommendation letter be more effective.


Finally, I would like to conclude that writing an impressive letter of recommendation is an integral part as you are select on the basis of it. Your value is determine by this. However, sometimes you do not have enough time to write a letter of recommendation. Our LOR-writing-service can prove beneficial for you. It can help you with the services that are required by you.

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