Accessing Your Akashic Records Through Prayer

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Akashic Records are storehouses of mystical information preserved in a non-physical level of existence of your soul’s journey that has been collected through all lifetimes. It empowers you with specific guidance that can control the negative impact your past lives have bestowed upon you. Akashic Records Prayer acts like a key that opens the door to the non-physical personal record of your life.

What is the Akashic Records Prayer?

The Akashic Records Prayer is a pathway through which you connect with your Akashic Records. It helps you to see yourself through the lens of your records. The prayer is a collection of specific words to reach the highest personal energy level. The Akashic Healing Prayers help you focus in a unique way that increases your receptivity to access your records easily. The Akashic Record Prayer Meditation overcomes the emotions that lower your personal energy field frequency, which acts like a barrier. You will find that different Akashic teachers and practitioners will use different ways of praying to open your Akashic Records. 

Why you should try to access your own Akashic Records?

The future can be so unpredictable as it can easily be changed by free will. The Akashic Records give you that great opportunity to access information about your soul’s journey. By knowing and understanding your past life choices and experiences, we can reveal our present life’s mission and destiny. It gives you a considerable edge in choosing the best pathway. With the help of the best Akashic Records Reader, you can quickly get access to your own Akashic Records.

Why should you access your own Akashic Records through Sacred Prayer?

It is considered highly important that sacred prayer is the best route for you if you want to access your Akashic Records. If you want to access your Akashic Records, sacred prayer is a spiritual key that easily opens your door to your past information. Some people use other techniques to access the Records, but it is always worth adopting a sacred prayer technique that is not resistant and smoothly connects you with your soul’s past life records.


Wonder why there are so Many Different Prayers out there?

There are numerous ways through which people carry out their Akashic Records Prayer. There are different variations in the words and sentences used while conducting your sacred prayer. 

You can change the words or rearrange them as long as you maintain the integrity of the Akashic Prayer. As different Akashic mentors and teachers will teach you using different ways of prayers, you can add gradual changes that will suit you in connection with your Akashic Records. 

The only key component is to stay focused and maintain a mindfulness intention. You should never be hard on yourself while choosing the words for your prayer because words are merely a language tool that helps you connect with your previous self. 

Your words should articulate your intention while being recited. You can follow the adapted prayers word by word if they help you focus more on learning and healing your soul. You can follow different prayers as your mentor or consultant guides you. You can choose the prayer that resonates best with your healing needs. For instance, it could be:

  • Prayer for Alignment 
  • Prayer to Assist Forward Motion
  • Prayer for Disappointments
  • Prayer for Clearing Negative Energies
  • Prayer for Clearing Ancestral Influence
  • Prayer for Fear of Unknown
  • Prayer for Healing Family Relationships
  • Prayer for Realeasing REsentmen
  • Prayer for Healing Family Relationship
  • Prayer of Self-Love
  • Prayer for Strength
  • Prayer for Judgement

Basic Guidlines for Prayer leading to Your Akashic Record 

Our free will is always considered integral when deciding the guidelines before accessing the Akashic Records. The guidelines and recommendations may vary due to different practitioners and consultants. What matter the most in carrying out an Akashic prayer is the result. There are infinite forms through which you can conduct the prayer, but the following are some basic pre-requisites that are to be considered:

  • Avoid substances that are mind-altering, such as alcohol or CBD products.
  • You must have attained the age of eighteen to access the Akashic Records.
  • Always prefer a place where there is absolute silence to avoid physical and mental distractions.
  • Arrange some writing materials, so you should note the Akashic Records unveiled during the prayer.
  • If you choose to preserve the Akashic Record orally, you can use any voice recorder through your cell phone or laptop.
  • While saying the prayer loud, you should always use your full legal name as this will guarantee to reveal the correct information and connect you with your current vibration.
  • Always take a start by silently reading your prayer to yourself at least twice, and then you should say it aloud, “The Records are open now.” In this reading, you can develop a strong and more profound connection with Records with subtle energy.
  • Visualizing a particular light above your head revolving around the crown chakra connects the mind, heart, and soul.
  • It’s acceptable if you are still unaware of describing the feeling of connection that your senses cannot comprehend. Give a little more time.
  • It’s better to write down or orally record your question. It doesn’t necessarily happen that you specific beings that are holders of light that guide you your way to your Akashic Records. This warm and loving support is mainly felt in some way or another.
  • Don’t forget to note anything you feel and experience without judging or interpreting it. This practice will help you not miss any detail.
  • Read your closing prayer out loud after you are all done.
  • You can also share your experience and Records with your trusted friends and family.

In a nutshell

Akashic Records is a spiritual resource that our soul carries from one life to another. Our souls are like “Record Keepers” who just keep these records. Akashic Records Prayers is like a prayer of remembrance in a spiritual way. When our souls are incarnated into a new physical body, the experiences of our past lifetimes are completely forgotten by our conscious minds. Our current life is interwoven with our past life experiences. The prayer helps us remember and merge with our Akashic Records powerfully that it becomes a part of our consciousness.