What We Check for and Adjust During Regular Visit to Your Vehicle

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Greetings from Oil Changers!

One of the greatest ways to take good care of your Vehicle is to get regular, scheduled oil changes. Before any real harm can be done, every oil change removes any potentially harmful particles of dirt and debris from your engine. Because regular oil changes will keep your engine lubricated and protected, your engine is likely to last longer. To make sure that every one of our customers’ vehicles is completely outfitted and ready for the road ahead of them, we examine and adjust a number of various parts of your vehicle at any routine visit to one of our shops.

Fluid for power steering

The majority of cars include a hydraulic power steering system, which is a device that facilitates turning while still giving the driver the right amount of road feel. Power steering depends on a particular kind of fluid, therefore it’s ideal to have any low fluid levels in your car filled up as soon as you can. When turning the wheel, stay alert for odd noises or any struggle from your car.

The working parts of your vehicle’s steering mechanisms will deteriorate considerably more quickly than they would if they had the required lubricating fluid for power steering. When it comes to maintaining their automobile, power steering may not be the first thing that a driver considers, but if something were to happen to their steering, they’d sure wish it had been. We will drain out any extra fluids that were left behind before replacing your power steering fluid with brand-new, clean fluid. Driving safely and predictably will reduce the stress that regular travels would put on your car and would help you maintain your power steering much more easily than most people would assume.


The more you understand about a car’s battery, the less likely it is that you will become stuck on the road. A car’s battery is a lifeline for your vehicle. A battery typically lasts between three and five years, depending on driving patterns and environmental exposure. Your car won’t start when your battery is dead or has a problem, which makes it quite obvious. The battery supplies the car with the quick burst of power it needs to turn on the engine, and it also has the duty of maintaining a constant voltage over the course of your journey to keep the engine running.

It is obviously crucial to comprehend the significance of your battery because failing to do so can significantly increase unnecessary car charges. Consider performing monthly tests to make sure the battery is still functioning properly if it has been more than three years since purchase. Sometimes a battery problem won’t even be apparent until you try to start your automobile and the engine won’t start. Every routine maintenance visit for your car includes a battery check, and our technicians can tell you how much battery life you still have. Come by to check on the condition of your battery!

Automatic Shifting

Car Wash las Vegas, We visually inspect these components for leaks and check the automatic transmission fluid level. The automatic transmission gets power from the motor, adjusts the output according to the needs of the vehicle, and changes gear ratios automatically according to the vehicle’s speed and RPM. The fluid distributes heat, transmits torque, provides pressure to operate hydraulic valves, and keeps moving parts well lubricated.

The majority of vehicle models and brands have varying suggested transmission fluid replacement intervals; therefore, to find out how frequently it needs to be changed, contact your manufacturer.

Tire inflation

The tyre pressure on your car can matter more than you think. With the proper tyre pressure in your automobile, your ride will be lot smoother and you’ll get better fuel efficiency. Tires that are under- or over-inflated can wear out considerably more quickly than usual and are more susceptible to damage on the road. Driving at fast speeds when your tyres are underinflated could be hazardous since you run the risk of losing control of your car. So that your ride is always as smooth as it should be, our professionals at Oil Changers change your tyre pressure to the manufacturer’s suggested PSI for your car.

Fluid for the Windshield Washer

Although many drivers are unaware of it, windshield washer fluid has another purpose in addition to keeping your windshield free of dust and dirt. To keep filth and debris off your windshield and to lubricate your washer fluid pump and hoses, it’s crucial to maintain your windshield washer fluid reservoir filled. The pump is put under additional stress when you flow fluid through it when there is no liquid present, which makes it wear out much more quickly than usual. Additionally, if your windshield gets dirty, you won’t be able to wipe it, which may be dangerous if something flew on it like mud. To ensure a good driving view, make sure your windshield fluid is full.

Visit your neighborhood Oil Changers store if you’re unsure of when your next oil change is needed. To find out if you need a service, we’ll check your oil level. Whether or not you are overdue, our professionals will top off your fluids to make sure your car meets our safety requirements and let you get on with your day.