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The video game Among Us has gained popularity not just in the gaming industry but also in the general media. In addition to entertaining players, the game also entertained non-players. The game references have progressed to the point where they are now widely accepted memes.

Maybe it’s the game’s simplicity or how simple it is to team up with buddies for a short round. Being the one man the rest of the game is looking for is also a tonne of fun. Of course, we’re referring to the impostor. the player in charge of upsetting the balance of the game by murdering crew members and destroying tools.

Among US Online Game

You declare your desire to be THE imposter. We won’t let you play the game without knowing how to successfully mess things up, so take that as a warning. So without further ado, consider this a primer on how to play the spoiler.

The Basics of Being an Impostor in Among Us

Trying to persuade everyone that you are innocent is difficult. This is especially true if the skill floor of your character is low. It will be difficult to resist being drawn into the icy void of space. Furthermore, even the simplest players can figure you out like the canary in the coal mine.

The best advice that the majority of seasoned players can offer is to avoid being too obvious. This indicates that you should use caution. Avoid acting in a way that draws attention to oneself. When someone is watching them, the majority of the eager players—players who are frequently novice impostors—kill someone. They are therefore easily grabbed and launched into space as a result. Just don’t get caught, is the best advice.

Know the Equipment & Its Functions

In the game, you can sabotage a variety of equipment. Once sabotaged, some can only cause the crewmates minor inconveniences. On the other hand, there are some that, if left unfixed, will always result in the victory of the fraudsters. For instance, if the communications are hampered, the crew members will become distracted and forget what needs to be done. Particularly for individuals who are still getting used to the tasks, it might be frustrating. If O2 is compromised and left unattended after the countdown, the impostor may win. According to your plan, decide which equipment to sabotage.

Among Us Equipment

Winning Without Killing in Among Us

Sure, the killing and betrayal elements are what made Among Us so famous. To be safe, you can still succeed by just sabotaging, though. Sabotage vital components like the reactor and O2 to start the countdown to your win. It is not, however, a quick or certain way to triumph. When the alarm goes off, the crewmates will head out right away to fix it. You must create conditions that will make them move more slowly as in Drift Boss.

In addition, this method is appealing because they won’t realise it’s you. You can sabotage several times without anyone noticing. Unless you act in a way that jeopardises it and exposes your true colours to them. Be sure to execute it correctly.

Lure the Crew

Equipment sabotage is not merely done to gain an advantage quickly or to inconvenience others. This can also be a component of your plan to seduce the team members. To fulfil their chores is one of the crew’s goals in order to win the game. Additionally, they must ensure that all equipment is spotless. That is why they will rush to fix any equipment that has been sabotaged.

This is the moment when you take action. There is little likelihood that anyone will notice you while they are all busy. While you are still outside your line of sight, locate a crewmate who is by itself and kill it. For instance, you may kill a person who isn’t in the loop while the other crew members are busy adjusting the lights. When the body is discovered, it will be crucial to have an excuse that will get you out of trouble.

Camp Inside the Vents

Not all murders are swift, painless, and silent. Some killings are merely untidy. If you can be certain that your kill will be seen, find a vent and set up camp there. The best murderers have done this to get away with murder. However, exercise caution because exiting a vent in a room you are unfamiliar with is a surefire way to get caught. Ensure that you are fortunate and vigilant enough to avoid being seen. Once it’s over, the impostors have gained another victory.

Here are the simplest techniques for sabotage and killing in Among Us. It’s really not that difficult to persuade your crewmates of your innocence. If you want to be a successful impostor, invest on your ability to be charming and persuasive. In addition, the best murderers have always been able to conceal their victims. It shouldn’t be particularly challenging for you in a game like this.