An unforgettable vacation on Cozumel yacht charter

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Are you one of those thrill-seekers who love to sail and surf in style? You can do so on your next holiday on a Cozumel yacht charter. The best thing about a tour on a yacht charter is that you get the flexibility. Moreover, you can design a perfect holiday as per your requirements and preferences.

In this article, we share how to create an unforgettable vacation experience for yacht charters. You can choose different charter types depending on how many people you are traveling with and the activities you want to partake in.

Different types of Cozumel yacht charter options

Here are different Cozumel yacht charter options to choose from:

Fully Crewed Yacht

One of the popular options when booking a yacht charter is the fully crewed yacht. This one ensures that all your requirements are well taken care of. So, you only have to relax and enjoy while your charter takes you to various destinations.

While traveling in style, get pampered with a professional crew serving yummy food, beverages, and more. Another good thing is that you get to cover various hotspots from time to time without any delays.

Captain Only Yacht

As you can guess from its name, this yacht charter offers you and your guests only a captain. The captain is on a yacht to get you to various destinations safely. It is a great option for hands-on parties with trimming sails, preparing meals, taking care of the yacht, navigating, and more.

This option is great for a completely immersive experience.

Tandem Cruising Cozumel Yacht Charter

This yacht is a great option for those with incentive groups or larger parties. This option offers you several yacht charters for your party. All the yachts meet up at the desired destination to make the party alive.

It not only gets your party more space to move around on various yachts. But you can even arrange fun “races” to see who reaches first from one anchorage to another.

Activities to Try Using Cozumel Yacht Charter

Here are various activities to try on your yacht charter when on Cozumel island:


Cozumel is a wonderful place for people who are adventurous and don’t mind exploring various activities in life. When going on a vacation in Cozumel, you have a perfect chance for exploring more. Cozumel yacht charter offers you a unique experience due to its breathtaking locations and some hidden gems.


Another popular activity to try when on this island is to surf in the Caribbean sea. You can indulge in this activity any time you feel like it. The long waves are present in the sea all the time. So, you can come and enjoy rising waves while pumping your adrenaline rush. You can enjoy surfing in the sea early morning or evening around the sunset. During these times of the day, you will have soft, rolling waves to enjoy when there’s a swell in the water.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Are you considering having the best snorkeling and scuba diving experience of your life? If so, Cozumel is one of the best spots in the world to try these activities. You can find a lot of marine life here and it also gives you a thrilling experience along with underwater visibility due to crystal clear waver. You may even swim with friendly sharks and dolphins. Meanwhile, you get to enjoy the gorgeous views of the cold waters. You can even see and swim with multicolored fishes in the sea.


Do you love fishing? You get plenty of fishing opportunities in Cozumel. There are various remote fishing grounds, where your Cozumel charter will take you. You are most likely to get a good catch when you head out fishing with professionals.

Book your Cozumel yacht charter today

Are you looking forward to having a great holiday with family and friends? Then, Cozumel is one of the best places in the world to enjoy your holidays. You can even customize your tour as per the budget. At Yachts Riviera Maya, we help you organize everything from start to fishing. You can even take kids along with you for a complete family trip and an unforgettable adventure. Whether you want to escape route for surfing or fishing or any other activity, our experts are here to help you at any stage. Contact us today to book your tour, queries, or more information.

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