Animated vs. Real-Shot Video: Which Video Is Right For My Business?

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Animated vs. Real-Shot Video? What is the difference between the two? Do you know which type of video suits your business type? All this and more is here in this post. So stay tuned.

How To Decide The Type Of Video For My Business?

A video is one of the best explainer tools for helping the average person understand and absorb a message about any topic, product, or service. The world of digitization has made it convenient to transform complex business ideas into simpler videos!

But with different types of videos in the market, such as animated business videos, live-action videos, explainer videos, and real-shot videos, it has become daunting to pick the right option. So, if you’re having trouble finding videos that are suitable for your company’s needs, here we have everything you want to learn.

Among the different types of video, today we will be differentiating between the two most popular and on-demand video types. These are animated videos and real-shot videos! This post will help you find which is better for your business type. So without any further ado, let’s go!

Animated Video vs. Real Shot Video | What’s The Difference?

Let’s find out the difference between animated and real-shot videos! Let’s go with the real-shot videos first.

Real Shot Video

A real-shot video is a time-consuming video that captures a shot from real life and of real people! If you want to give your business a more human effect and a more serious tone, a real-shot video will do the job. However, a real-time video has some boundaries because it is based on real-life events. The cost of production of a real-shot video is also expensive.

Moreover, creating a single real-shot video takes a lot of money, energy, and time. So the two words that could best describe a real-shot video are “expensive” and “time-consuming.” Real-shot videos are authentic, highly complex videos that require different elements, tools, and cast actors to look professional and high quality.

Additionally, a real-shot video can’t be done without a proper shooting location. Other than that, if you are planning to invest in a real-shot video, keep in mind that you need a pretty good amount for the arrangement of props and other essential equipment like a professional shooting camera and other sound gear!

Lastly, scheduling time and locations to shoot a real-shot video require team coordination, which can be done through a proper shooting process, which is again extremely time-consuming.

Animated Video

Animated Business Videos are another type of video that does not require intensive labor but a team of skilled and professional experts, designers, and animators! As the name suggests, an animation video has animation, which speaks for the brand. It is one of the most common and trending ways to market a brand’s product, services, or ideas at a cost much lower than a real-shot video!

An animation video brings life to the video and gives color to boring videos! There are plenty of benefits of using animated videos for business promotion. An animation video is a great way to explain the value of your business in an appealing way. Animation can help you express your ideas in an easy way. The use of characters and various elements can make it much easier for the consumer to understand the usage of products or services.

It is also a powerful way to expand business in less time! When people re-share an animated video, it increases the brand’s awareness! Furthermore, producing an animated video is significantly less expensive than producing a real-shot video! Whether you are a start-up, small-scale, or well-established business, there are different service providers in the market that can meet your criteria within a specific budget.

Animation videos are attractive, structured, and time-killing! Thanks to technology and advanced software! With the help of these elements, it has become flexible to make animated videos with the comfort and convenience of sitting in one place! Best GLowza Digital ANimation Service.    

Which Is Better? | Animated vs. Live Video?

So the real questions come here! In our opinion, there can be different reasons why one should prefer an animated video over a real-shot video! But, let’s do it the best way. To find out which of the two types is best for your business needs, consider your goals and audience first.

For businesses who want an emotional connection with their audience and want the video to feel more human-like, go with a real-shot video! In contrast, to convey abstract ideas in an engaging, fun, and understandable form, animated videos are unbeatable!


To Conclude

Depending on your budget and goals, your reasons for choosing an animated or real-shot video can differ! However, for corporate business videos, nothing could go better than an animated explainer video! We hope you find this post helpful and interesting!