Can You Become A Millionaire From Blogging?

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You must abandon the cookie-cutter advice you’ve been reading if you want to make money through blogging.

“Expert” bloggers are more likely to provide you with general advice on writing about your hobbies, keeping consistent, developing excellent writing habits, and producing awesome content. Some will suggest acquiring professional article writing services to get your stories published. After that, you’ll have enough traffic and leads to monetize your blog through online courses, Google AdSense, podcasts, affiliate networks, or digital product sales in the next few years.

The harsh reality is that it does not have to take years — blogging advice is just out of date. You need to think like a CEO and approach your blog like a company, not free time leisure if you are willing to make life-changing money from it swiftly.

I hope you find this valuable guidance in coming up with new strategies for 2022 and beyond. Let’s get started.

Market Factors Should Guide Your Blog’s Niche Selection – Not Your Passions.

There’s a reason why 95% of bloggers fail, and it’s not for the reasons you think. Most bloggers fail because they aren’t “passionate enough.”

They say, “Push through failure to succeed.” The #1 result on Google for “why bloggers fail” is the same: bloggers fail because they aren’t enthusiastic enough.

This is because bloggers fail for the same reason that every business does: they are not lucrative. Take, for example, my interests. Drumming, piloting airplanes, traveling, distance running, or personal growth are my many interests. I’d burn out 100% of the time if I published a limitless number of blog entries about one of these topics without generating any money.

“I’m not in it for the money,” some bloggers say, while others say, “It’s simply a pastime.” Hobby bloggers are just inexperienced bloggers who have yet to figure out how to generate money. There are novices and professionals in any creative marketing industry, whether copywriting, photography, web development, or video editing. And, because most bloggers begin by writing about a passion and then try to figure out the rest afterward, they’re doomed to fail.

Furthermore, blogging advice is obsolete, designed to rank on Google, and recommends a comprehensive approach to appeal to the most significant potential audience. Bloggers do not fail due to a lack of enthusiasm. Bloggers fail because they are unable to shift from being a blogger to running a company.

As a result, they chose a non-profitable niche with a low-value audience. New bloggers sometimes overlook the strategic value of networking and contacts. They also lack sufficient market demand to grow traffic. So what are the best ways?

Simply put, before starting a blog, it’s critical to pick a specialization based on three business factors: professional leverage, audience budget potential, and market demand.

1. Budget Potential of the Audience

You must answer a pain problem for your audience to provide a good product on your blog. That is self-evident.

As a blogger, you must fully comprehend your audience’s problems to provide the most in-demand solutions. Begin by looking for niches in which you are a target audience member. This allows your topic expertise to show through more quickly.

However, don’t imagine that once you’ve gone this far, you should make a generic list of 100 specializations and limit it down that way. Watercolors? Travel? K-Pop? Best of luck with that.

What is the most crucial aspect to consider when picking a niche for your blog? How much money is your audience willing to part with? It’s that easy.

So, let’s pretend you want to establish a blog on house design. Your blog subjects may attract a variety of readers. Professional interior designers, college design students, and even stay-at-home parents seeking the newest home décor ideas might be among the visitors. Create a new blog and send your visitors down the sales funnel to monetize this niche:

  • You’d start by creating content to gain an audience.
  • Then you’d create a home design “giveaway” to collect email sign-ups.
  • After that, you might advertise home décor products through affiliate marketing.
  • Finally, you’d offer a $300 online course to your email subscribers (with a money-back guarantee) 10 Expert Interior Design Tips for Your Dream Home

There’s nothing wrong with this strategy; that’s what most bloggers do, and it can result in some passive income after a few years of growing a readership.

2. Choose A Niche For Your Blog Based On Your Professional Experience.

After you’ve found a valuable audience to serve, the next step is to figure out your strategic advantages over others.

Consider the following:

  1. What is my current degree of experience in the field?
  2. What industry relationships do I have?
  3. Is it possible to turn this knowledge into a profitable blog?
  4. Who would take me seriously if I could pitch any website globally to submit a guest post?

It would help if you first established influencing content to create a genuinely effective blog. You must venture outside of your comfort zone to gain authority and make the most of your contacts, professional experience, and everything else.

3. Market Demand Is Required For Your Niche.

Before you begin, do some research to determine whether people are searching for the topics you want to write about – and whether they are monetizable.

“Best” list posts and “how-to” tutorials are the two primary sorts of monetizable keywords. Affiliate marketing money is more likely to come from these two primary keywords.

For instance, consider the “best” list posts:

  • This may be “best travel insurance” or “best travel bag” in the context of travel.
  • It may be the “Best Virtual Headset” or “Best Places To Buy VR Headset” in technology.

People who are looking for anything “greatest” always look for long-form recommendations published by bloggers that endorse things. The majority of these will have excellent affiliate programs that you can join and market.

Final Note

You’ll want to identify techniques to increase traffic as a blogger. Millions of page views aren’t required to make a living from blogging. In fact, I know several bloggers that earn less money with 1,000,000 monthly page views than with 100,000 monthly page views.

Every website is different, but once you figure out what your audience wants, you can start making money from your blog, regardless of how many pages views you get.

Having a dedicated audience and assisting them is the key to having a great blog.

Despite this, it doesn’t harm to increase your traffic if you want to make money blogging. The more involved and committed your readers are, the more money you may generate from your blog.

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