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Cable and satellite TV both provide you with TV channels and programs. There is not a large difference between these TV providers, there is a minor difference between them. You can watch TV channels through dish or cable TV providers. In cable TV, you get all the channels but in satellite TV connection some channels couldn’t be watched by dish or satellite. So in this article, we will compare both TV providers, Cable, and satellite. And then we will conclude which is the best TV provider and which TV provider you should choose. This content will help you a lot in selecting the best TV provider among cable and satellite TV.

“Pros and cons of cable TV VS satellite TV”

“Cable TV pros”

Cable TV is more affordable as compared to satellite TV because charges of cable TV are less than satellite TV. Cable TV provides you cheap packages and bundles. There are many providers of cable TV so it can be availed easily. Services of cable TV are more reliable then satellite TV because if the weather is not good like there is wind, rain or etc cable TV is not affected by these. Moreover, in cable TV you get a box or remote by which you can easily access Netflix on TV. And for installation of cable TV connection a technician comes to your home and installs your connection and then you enjoy the services of cable TV. In majority there is a monthly contract so you have to pay bills monthly. One more benefit in cable TV is that you get an internet or phone bundle with TV services.

“Cable TV cons”

The biggest problem of cable TV is that it is not available in all rural areas and in rural areas its coverage area is limited. In many rural areas cable TV is not available and its DVR service is very costly and it charges separately. 

“Satellite TV pros”

Coverage of Satellite TV in rural areas is more than cable TV. It is available in all rural areas. Its coverage is 100%. So no matter in which rural areas you live you can get satellite TV services easily. And its DVR service is cheaper than cable TV. In satellite TV you are provided by dish or box by which you access satellite TV. In satellite TV after installation of dish connection then adjustment is done by box. Technician is also needed for its installation which installs the device. In satellite TV there is not a limited area you can take it anywhere. Bill of satellite TV is paid monthly. In satellite TV sometimes a bundle is provided and sometimes not.

“Satellite TV cons”

Bundles and packages of satellite TV are expensive as comp to cable TV. And providers of satellite TV are very less in number and its services are not as reliable as cable TV. Like in bad weather signals and networks can become weak and services might be interrupted.

“Price Comparison of Cable and Satellite TV”

The price of bundles and packages of both cable TV and satellite TV are different. Charges of both cable TV and satellite TV are different. Price depends on channels in bundles and packages of both providers. 

TV Type Price No. of Channels View Details
Cable TV $25.00–$125.00/mo. 55–425+ 888-255-1548
Satellite TV $40.00–$134.99/mo. 44–330+ 888-255-1548

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“Best cable TV providers”

A good cable TV provider is that which provides you more channels, reliable services, cheap prices, and other good services. Before choosing the cable TV provider first keep your budget in your mind and then select. Here we will tell you some best cable TV providers which are affordable and provide you good services. Best cable TV providers are mentioned below:

Cable TV Provider Price Range Channels Count Get A Quote
DirecTV $49.99–$59.99* 420 888-255-1548
Spectrum $34.99–$49.99† 140 888-255-1548
Frontier $55–$110‡ 425 888-255-1548
Sudden Link $49.99–$59.99* 300+ 888-255-1548
Optimum $30–$115 420 888-255-1548
Cox $53–$132† 250 888-255-1548

“Customer Rating of TV Provider”

TV Provider Customer Rating of Provider Type of Connection
Cox 3.97 / 5.00 Cable
DIRECTV 3.96 / 5.00 Satellite
Spectrum 3.94 / 5.00 Cable
Optimum 3.88 / 5.00 Cable
Frontier 3.73 / 5.00 Cable
Suddenlink 3.55 / 5.00 Cable
AT&T TV* NA Streaming


“Best satellite TV providers”

Satellite TV providers have a large coverage area in rural areas almost 100%. It is available everywhere in rural areas so you can easily enjoy its services. Its prices are also less. Satellite TV providers provide you with good services and it is affordable. It provides you upto 330 channels. Best satellite TV providers and there some details are mentioned below:

Satellite TV Provider Price Range No. of Channels Get A Quote
DISH $69.99–$104.99^ 290 888-255-1548
DIRECTV $64.99–$139.99° 330 888-255-1548



We have compared cable TV providers and satellite TV providers in this article and it will help you alot in choosing the best TV provider for your home. We are authorized resellers/dealers of TV providers companies. You can call us on 888-255-1548 for more information and to buy the TV provider. We will provide you good and cheap services as compared to other reseller companies. For more information about TV providers visit our website:


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