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Our team:

As a skilled practicing team, we are committed to making sure that you may visit the Zahnarzt in a positive frame of mind. Our efforts have been centred on you and your oral health for more than 40 years. We have always given the topic our whole attention and love. With professional information and guidance, individualised prophylaxis, and modern dentistry, our team of skilled Zahnarzt is by your side to maintain the health and naturalness of your teeth for the rest of your life. Modern technologies and a positive atmosphere round out our offering.Make an appointment with your Zahnarzt Hamburg after convincing yourself. Your Zahnarzt in Hamburg-Jenfeld, Hansezahn, greets you with nine contemporary treatment rooms and an on-site dental lab. The most ideal conditions for optimal aesthetics, painlessness, time savings, and a stress-free dental appointment are provided by the most advanced technology for precise and gentle diagnostic and treatment alternatives. You are in excellent hands at our dental office in Hamburg, whether you wish to maintain your oral health, are in pain, or require a denture.

Our services:

It’s not always feasible to maintain your natural teeth for life. You don’t have to give up your happy, healthy grin, though. A top-notch denture restores your wellbeing and quality of life. We use cutting-edge technology and materials in our dental office in Hamburg. At Hansezahn, you may acquire a denture that fits you, whether you need a crown, bridge, or implant.A contemporary Zahnimplantat Hamburg can close a gap and restore your smile. Modern dentistry has grown completely dependent on implantology. The most recent technology allows for gentle treatment, quick healing, and exceptional durability. Whether there is just one tooth missing or fewer teeth overall, we are delighted to provide you with information about implants and an appropriate treatment plan in our Hamburg dental office.

Do you grind your teeth at night? Do you frequently get neck and back pain, face agony, or headaches? Do you experience vertigo or ringing in the ears? There are millions of people who experience dental functional issues. One of the most prevalent and frequently undiagnosed functional diseases of the masticatory system is cranial-mandibular dysfunction (CMD). At Hansezahn in Hamburg, we take your concerns seriously and examine the jaw joint to determine the root of them. Rely on our dedicated Hamburg practice team to help you put your pain behind you for good.

Our treatments:

mainly because we have several trained soldiers. There are two dental offices in Hamburg and Ahrensburg, with seven male and two female Zahnarzt working there. You have a practice team of more than 42 people who are all subject-matter specialists.

We assist you in achieving the best dental and oral health possible with this CMD Hamburg. The use of traditional fillings and cosmetic dentistry, as well as preventative care, is the cornerstone of maintaining healthy teeth and long-lasting treatment results. Completing our treatment menu are intricate procedures and cutting-edge techniques like computer-assisted dentistry with 3D X-ray and CEREC.

We have separated our most significant treatment options and services into the three categories of “prevention,” “services,” and “jaw misalignment” because many dental words are unfamiliar to most people.

There are several ways to make sure dental issues don’t develop in the first place or that they don’t get worse if they already do.

Prophylaxis is what we refer to as oral health treatment (MGT).

Professional tooth cleaning and early identification to prevent cavities and periodontitis are the cornerstones of prophylaxis. We have further separated oral health care into three sections so that we can respond to each patient uniquely. What these are is available here.