Best PHP Frameworks for Savvy Web Devs In 2022

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Best PHP Frameworks

PHP frameworks are the backbone of the web development industry. They help you build apps quickly, efficiently and with a touch of elegance.

With so many PHP frameworks to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one is right for your project. PHP’s popularity as a web development language has been steadily increasing in recent years, and it’s now one of the most common languages for web design and development services. 

There’s no shortage of PHP frameworks available for you to choose from for Backend development services or frontend. Still, many developers find them difficult to navigate at first due to their complex features and dependencies. This article will help you decide which PHP framework will be best for your needs as a developer.

PHP’s Framework Making PHP Development Beneficial for Business

PHP has many advantages over other languages such as C++: it’s easier to learn and use; there are plenty of libraries for common operations; it’s cross-platform compatible; it’s faster than many other languages (because it compiles directly to bytecode instead of compiling to native code).

How PHP Frameworks help you:

Faster development. Most of the tasks involved in building a dynamic website are repetitive: creating data structures, looping through them, and so on. A good PHP framework abstracts away these repetitive tasks so that you spend more time on what’s important – writing code for the specific application.

Better performance. A well-written framework makes it easier to update your application because most of the work has already been done for you in the core library of your framework or language. This helps your site stay up-to-date with new versions of PHP and other technologies.

Less code. Using Best PHP Framework means you are not reinventing the wheel every time you need something done with PHP (or whatever language is used). If an existing function or class is available in your chosen framework, then it will be much easier to use than writing it yourself from scratch each time!

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Libraries for common operations. You should consider using libraries when they solve common problems faced by developers working on similar projects or even just sharing the same code base across multiple projects.

Top Best PHP Frameworks


Laravel is an open-source, MVC architectural pattern web application framework that holds expressive, elegant syntax. The website development must be an enjoyable, creative experience to be truly fulfilling. Laravel development services attempt to take the pain out of PHP development by easing common tasks that are used in the majority of web projects, such as authentication, routing, sessions, and caching.

Why use Laravel

  • Laravel comes with Laravel Homestead, which is a pre-packaged Vagrant box that creates a virtual development environment to remove the need to install PHP.
  • You can speed up the development process using the Laravel Artisan Console command-line tool, which puts the task to automation.
  • Laravel comes with high-end security features that make it one of the popular choices in PHP development.


Symfony is an open-source PHP Web Application Framework that provides developers with all the tools they need to build web applications. Symfony is not just another toolkit; rather, it is a complete enterprise solution that provides an environment for developing any type of web application. Symfony comes with everything that makes building modern and robust Web Applications possible, like OOP DSLs for defining new objects, Dependency Injection support, Event Dispatcher and much more!

Why use Symfony

  • Symfony is one of the easiest to install and configure that runs on almost all platforms.
  • The reusable PHP components, database engine independence, and stability make it perfect for enterprise-level applications.
  • One can also easily integrate the third-party libraries in Symfony. 


Codelgniter is an open-source framework that provides you with all the tools you need to create responsive mobile apps for Android and iOS platform. This framework makes it easy to build responsive user interfaces and provides access to native device features such as GPS location data and camera pictures.

Why use Codelgniter?

  • Codelgniter allows other architecture paradigms too in PHP development
  • It promotes high security as it has defences against CSRF and XSS attacks which keeps sensitive escaping at bay.
  • It is a lightweight PHP framework that is easy to install and set up.


CakePHP is considered one of the most popular PHP frameworks for creating websites. It also supports many different data storage solutions like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB.

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CakePHP has a number of features which makes it appealing to web developers. One of these features is its support for multiple databases, making it easy to work with different data storage solutions without having to worry about changing code or settings when switching from one database type to another.

Why use CakePHP?

  • It’s simple to use and understand, which means less time spent debugging your application or figuring out why it’s not working.
  • It uses SQLite for database storage, which means that it can be used on many platforms and devices without requiring additional software or an upgrade in order to use it.
  • It doesn’t require any setup or installation steps beyond the framework itself.


Yii is a powerful and flexible PHP framework that allows you to create your own web applications. It is easier to use, and it comes with a ton of features.

Yii was built from the ground up to be a fast and secure web application development platform. Yii has been around for more than 10 years and is still one of the most popular open-source PHP frameworks on the market today.

Why use Yii?

  • Support all major desktop browsers (IE 11+, Firefox, Chrome) and mobile browsers (iOS 9+, Android 5+).
  • Extensive filter system with which you can easily customize templates and output CSS files.
  • Flexible routing system so that you can create custom URLs for different pages on your website.
  • A server-side component called ‘yii2’, which allows you to extend your application without writing any code.

To Wrap Up

There are numerous PHP frameworks available in the market, and the list of top PHP frameworks keeps growing. Many frameworks have become popular in the past few years, but it can be hard to know which is right for your project. 

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Frameworks have been around for a long time in the industry and have become the standard in most languages. If you have just started your business, we will suggest going with CodeIgniter. It’s one of the easiest to install and work on the MVC architecture, which makes it easy to understand for you as well, besides the Custom PHP development services you hire.