Best Pulse Survey Tools To Increase Employee Engagement

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Pulse surveys are a useful tool for tracking employee engagement, particularly in organisations with remote workers. With a pulse survey tool, it’s simple to include surveys into your internal communications on a regular basis and foster a culture of feedback.

Internal communicators should always put conducting pulse surveys first. Employee engagement will increase when they see their suggestions becoming actual change in addition to helping you gather useful employee feedback.

But like any internal communication, bombarding your staff with pulse surveys may discourage some of them from taking part. How can you balance consistently gathering employee input with avoiding overburdening them? Make your surveys seem natural and enjoyable.

A Pulse Survey: What Is It?

Short questions centred on a certain subject are asked of employees in pulse surveys. Pulse surveys, a subset of the more thorough employee survey, are designed to exactly what their name implies: monitor the mood of your staff regarding a particular topic.

Your employees, your brand as a company, as well as a number of other variables, will affect how you design and deliver your pulse surveys. There is a lot more to be said about creating good pulse surveys for your staff, but using a pulse survey tool is by far the best way to put this advise into practise.

What Advantages Do Pulse Survey Tools Offer?

Utilising employee pulse survey tools has distinct advantages over creating surveys from scratch or using pre-made templates.

  • Extremely Simple Design Process

It only takes a few seconds to incorporate a pulse survey into your emails using email builders. Drag the survey tile onto your email template, choose the survey type, and then add a question to it.

  • Centralised Comments from Workers

Pulse surveys are excellent for obtaining brief but regular employee input. However, due to this volume, it can be challenging to keep track of all the insightful feedback you’ve gathered.

You can take action on employee feedback as soon as you gather and analyse it. The best tools for employee pulse surveys expedite the feedback procedure while demonstrating to your staff that you value their thoughts.

This loop is what develops and sustains a culture of feedback at your company. And cultivating regular two-way communication is now simpler than ever thanks to pulse survey software.

  • Internal Communications using Data

An internal communications strategy that is data-based must include employee feedback.

Employee pulse survey solutions not only let you use actual employee feedback and email stats to guide your decisions, but also let you monitor the effects of those decisions on things like employee engagement.

Additionally, the information from pulse surveys can be used to demonstrate the success of your internal communications as well as to get employee feedback on a variety of crucial issues and paint a true picture of how your company is feeling.