Best Tips to Optimize Your Google Maps for Your Business

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Your business profile on Google is a key indicator of a business’s local position. In this article, we will show you how to optimize Google Maps. This can dramatically improve the relevancy of your business for Google.

This post assumes that your Google Business Profiles business profile has been verified.


Make sure you take care of the design and layout of your GMB

Google doesn’t usually consider the design of tabs. This isn’t a key positioning factor in the algorithm. However, for users, this factor is often key to deciding which establishment they want to visit. If you can not do this all by yourself you should hire a Digital Specialist for this.

Here are some tips to make your listing more visually appealing:

  • Your GMB profile images should be quality.
  • Upload a photo from the outside or the within your business.
  • Make sure to check the lighting for all images that you upload.
  • Upload photos of products frequently, and take great care of their presentation.
  • Reviews are an important visual element in your listing.
  • Have a fixed color palette.
  • Encourage customers with products or services to send quality images.

Many design tips can improve your Google Maps profile.


Google Maps will show you the location of your business

This is because Google will interpret this to mean that your business adapts best to the user’s search. Locally, you can rank for keywords by including the name of your town in the title.

This is not a piece that can be used by itself. In the end, they must be combined with a complete local strategy. However, these small adjustments can help Google understand that your business is better suited to local searches.


In the title of your Google Listing, include the keyword

Although these two tips do not affect local positioning, they can be combined to help you improve some positions by adapting more closely to the search terms of the user.

These should be used with care and not spam. This can hurt how users perceive you. Google can also block your SPAM file. Also, If you have an insurance business you may want to know how to use Facebook ads for life insurance agents.


Find out which categories your competitors are most active

Google can identify the services you offer by analyzing your categories. We often select the best categories for us when we create our Google Maps files.

It could be that you’re not choosing the best category for your search intent by not researching and discovering which categories your competitors are using.


Don’t forget to include your keywords.

This is an important part of your Google Business Profile. It serves as a letter of introduction to potential clients. It also helps with the optimization of Google Maps listings.

Also, it should clearly describe what you offer, and how it compares to other competitors. It should include some keywords to optimize its usefulness. This can help you be more relevant in certain keywords.


Respond to ALL reviews and include keywords

It is important to respond to customer reviews. It brings you closer to the customer and helps resolve any conflicts or questions. If not answered, it can cause a reputation problem for your company.

This advice will help in two ways. It helps you maintain and consolidate your listing’s reputation, and it can also help you increase the relevancy of search intentions by including keywords.


Geolocate all images uploaded

Image geolocation is for local positioning of what ALT texts are to SEO. Google My Business allows you to geolocate images published in your file.

This not only lets you know the Alt text but also lets Google know where your business is located. This data combined with other actions gives Google more information to assist you in positioning yourself locally.


Consistent NAP across all directories

NAP stands for Name-Address-Phone. This is translated into Spanish and means the name of your business, address, and telephone number. These data are essential for creating a listing in GMB. They must be consistent across the different directories you have.

You must maintain the same NAP in all local directories. A small error in data can cause inconsistency in Google search results and lower your local positioning.


Local positioning is based on the web.

It is vital to keep the file current to be relevant online. This means updating your hours, answering any questions google asks about your business, answering questions from your clients, and uploading photos of your work.

A constant stream of posts is important, too. Your Google My Business listing will be more relevant if you post content multiple times per week.

These publications increase your visibility because they improve your local positioning. They also share these offers, events, and products with the vast majority of customers who can search for you via google.


Local positioning is based on the web.

Your google page’s positioning is determined by the web. Google uses this information to determine the relevancy of your brand and whether you satisfy the search intent.

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