Best Tricks To Transfer Sms From Iphone To Samsung S5

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If you’re using an iPhone and you’ve decided to transfer to the Samsung Galaxy S5, unluckily, your phone’s media files can’t be transferred via a USB cable by myself. The same is real with your textual content messages. Your vintage textual content messages serve as the context of your verbal exchange so you might also want to take them with you on your new telephone. The true information is that there are several approaches to transfer SMS from iPhone to Samsung S5.

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Transfer Sms From Iphone To Samsung S5

Way 1. Easiest and Fastest Way to Transfer Text Messages from iPhone to S5

Let’s begin with our first technique. You can use Phone Transfer, which is a paid utility that you want to download and deploy to your laptop. This is the easiest product to switch text messages between phones running identical or distinctive running structures. Apart from text messages, it also helps transfer contacts, pics, songs, and films. Apart from this, it also helps over 2 hundred cellphone fashions.




Its friendly person interface is intuitive to use. You will know what to do at the beginning glance due to the fact the alternatives are easy to apprehend. It helps you to effortlessly back up files on your pc. By using this function, you can get a saved reproduction at the laptop in case the facts in your iPhone and Samsung cellphone receives corrupted for some motive.

You should know all about What is the mobsynch.exe

Here’s How To Switch Messages From Iphone To Galaxy S5:


Launch Phone Transfer to your laptop.

Click “Start” beneath “Phone to Phone Transfer.”

Connect your iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S5 to your laptop using their cables.

The software will stumble on the two telephones and you will see them on the display screen. Your iPhone can be diagnosed as the supply cellphone at the left, even as Samsung will be identified as the vacation spot telephone on the proper. If you need to switch to the alternative manner, click “Flip”.

If you handiest need to replicate your textual content messages put a checkmark on that option only.

Click the “Start Copying” button to start copying messages on your new mobile.

Be certain no longer to transport the smartphone or cable at the same time as copying to prevent interruption.


Way 2. A Slightly Complicated But Free Way To Do The Trick

If you do not want to spend a single dollar, our second technique will let you accomplish that. However, the steps are a piece complicated because it calls for you to convert SMS on iPhone to Android like-minded format.


1) Back Up Iphone Messages With The Use Of Itunes.

Before the conversion, you’ll want to replicate the text messages directly in your new Galaxy S5. Connect your iPhone to your pc and release iTunes. On the left panel of iTunes, properly click on your iPhone and click on “Back Up”. If the usage of Windows or “~/Library/Application Support”, visit the “C://[user]/[username]/AppData/Roaming/Apple Computer/Mobile Sync” listing to complete the backup technique. And permit access to the backup report. /MobileSync/Backup/” if the usage of a Mac. You will see a record containing random numbers. Copy the contemporary one and paste it into your Galaxy’s SD card.


Backup iPhone to laptop


2) Convert the message database to an XML document with the use of iSMS2droid.

Install iSMS2droid, which is an app you may download from the Google Play Store. Open the software and pick out “Select iPhone SMS Database”. Locate the backup report you copied and pick out which messages you need to convert.


3) Restore Messages On Android Smartphones.

You will need to install any other app to restore your messages. Launch the app and tap “Restore”. Tap “OK” when it shows a directory of your changed messages. Select which messages you want to repair and press “OK”. Wait for the repair procedure to finish and your messages must be there on your Samsung Galaxy S5.


Repair iPhone messages on android




Depending on your desires and personal alternatives, you can use either of two techniques to transfer SMS messages from iPhone 5S to Galaxy S5. The 2d method is free to apply but calls for the installation of numerous packages and the stairs are difficult even for beginners, and many people record that it does now not work properly. But for a one-time rate that is not that steeply-priced, you can without problems transfer textual content messages and other documents using Phone Transfer, making it a pleasant option to transfer data.


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Wanna sync textual content messages from iPhone to iPad, but, do not recognize how. Reading this manual may also offer you a green method to let this problematic problem be without difficulty solved.


Text message as important statistics which includes comfy and personal statistics is the one we might frequently hold available on our devices. As we realize, there are 2 sorts of messages on iPhone: iMessage and SMS/MMS messages. Pictures are the messages despatched from your iPhone to some different iPhone thru data or WiFi; SMS/MMS message is the conventional kind of messages sent from iPhone to different cellular telephones or gadgets and not the use of a need for an Internet connection.