What does hyper-casual game

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They are instant-play games with brief gameplay sessions that can be downloaded on any device. Players visit hyper-casual games more frequently because they are intuitive. Despite their limited functionality, these games are enjoyable to play and provide a sense of success at each level.

Consider the popular game “Flappy Bird” to see how casual game are created. The game is so simple that all a player has to do is tap. A player constantly breaks their prior record in their leisure time.

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This game type is commonly referred to as “snackable content’ since it can be played while waiting in line, commuting, or taking a break. The idea is basically to bring back the arcade period of the 1980s. When compared to other genres, these games tend to expand faster and become viral.

Despite the fact that mobile app stores are brimming with hundreds of hyper-casual games, they all share the same characteristics, such as basic UI, fewer functionalities, bright colors, and no fancy animations. The following are some frequent elements seen in this game genre

Choose your game

To improve hyper-casual game creation, use a strong and efficient game production engine. Hyper-casual games are not exposed to lengthy and difficult programming because of their simplicity-oriented approach. A number of gaming engines are now available to assist you in developing your notions. As a result, even a non-coder may create a hyper-casual game with little to no coding.


Unity is the most popular of the gaming engines listed. It is the most popular, powerful, and well-known cross-platform programming platform. Maya, 3Ds Max, and Blender resources and game assets may also be imported into Unity for game creation. Aside from that, Unity features an asset shop where users can obtain the pre-built premium and free-of-charge products to help them with their creations. The Unity game engine is used to create many games available on app stores.
It is feature-rich and efficiently supports hyper-casual game production. also supports visual programming, allowing for game production without the need for coding.

It is a feature-rich platform for game creation that supports Linux, Windows, and Mac. However, its primary focus is on the iOS and Android platforms. There are several built-in functions for quickly creating scenarios and a user-friendly UI.

Gameplay Over Theme

The first stage in any game development process is to create a tale or premise. However, in the hyper-casual genre, this phase is eliminated, and intriguing mechanics take over. Because hyper-casual is based on a single fundamental mechanic, the whole game experience is susceptible to a single action.

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Themes are less important in a hyper-casual atmosphere because users play these games in their leisure time. As a result, they can have a nice theme with optimum performance to fulfill their goal. In the competitive gaming business, being mechanically distinct is critical to controlling the league.

Build a Prototype

When you’ve finished picking game elements, it’s time to build a prototype and put the concept to the test. During this stage, concentrate on shorter gameplay. A player must complete a level in under a minute to advance to the next round. And prototyping can help with that. It aids in the validation of the game concept, gameplay, difficulty, and marketability. The developer then gets the game to the intended level using adjustments and redos.

Summing Up

You must follow the Hyper-casual game development checklist to be successful in the hyper-casual game genre. It is simple to implement, but in order to stand out from the crowd, you must create something unique.

Hyper-casual games are enjoyable to play, easy to create, and have the market potential to generate significant revenue and growth. Following our checklist for hyper-casual game creation described in this post can help you move forward substantially in the long term.