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Are you one of the twenty regular drivers driving without insurance? Be careful – your car may be on the shredder path and be taken to the world’s largest scrap smelter in China!

Thanks to the new powers, the police can now confiscate, seize and destroy all vehicles they see on the road without insurance. A pilot project was launched in Durham last spring. Since then, police have confiscated more than 1,200 About half are crushed into cubes and packed to melt.

The so-called pilot project, Operation Takeaway,

Was so successful that police forces in the UK were eager to clean up their tow trucks. The initiative is now supported by a new state police database backed by insurance companies. This allows officers to check the insurance status of any vehicle in the UK while in their patrol car.

If you are currently caught without car insurance, you will need to hand over your keys to the police on the There are no exceptions – this applies to everyone; It doesn’t matter if it’s just a forgotten mistake or a deliberate trip without insurance.

Then they should put the boards at their feet!

You have only 14 days to present the appropriate insurance to the police and collect your vehicle. And they will add extra costs. Before you get your car, you must pay for repairs (about £105) and secure storage; which can easily add up to £15 a day. So if you take the car on the 14th, you may be charged £315.

During the pilot, the Help Line assisted with the cost of dismantling the vehicles. It is estimated that Operation Takeaway prevented about 2,000 accidents. And it turned out that most of the cars seized by the police became unusable.

A police spokesperson said: “Uninsured drivers are often guilty of a number of other crimes, such as not having a driver’s license or MOT certification. We are doing everything we can to save these dangerous drivers.” And we’re pulling out illegally.”

Of course, uninsured drivers are a bigger problem

Than most of us expected. The Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water recently announced that every 20th driver regularly drives without insurance. In addition, a study by the British Insurance Institute revealed that uninsured drivers are the most dangerous people on the road. They cause an average of one accident every six months and can be evaluated up to three times without proper maintenance and monitoring.

So who pays for these uninsured accidents? We do it! The average car insurance premium is £30 to cover damage caused by uninsured drivers. In the UK this is costing law enforcement leaders an additional £500m a year!

But that was not the end of our financial problems. If your vehicle is hit by an uninsured vehicle, it will still be marked as a “fire alert” on your policy. This means you will have to pay an exemption when your vehicle is repaired, and you will be deprived of your unclaimed premium if your policy does not cover the damages. Over a two-year period, reducing your premiums could easily save you £275 on higher premiums.

The move to take Skrotpræmie off the road and take them off the road was warmly welcomed by the British Insurers Association. The ABI has long criticized the court’s light non-insurance penalties, but still calls for harsher penalties. Offenders are usually only fined £150-200 – with time to pay – which is significantly less than the average car insurance claim. This cannot be true justice!

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