Cat6 Plenum-Rated Cable A Complete Guide for Network Cabling

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Category 6 cable or cat6 is one of the best Ethernet cables you can get these days. You can use this cable for both domestic as well as commercial purposes. This rated cat6 plenum cable is available in all three types of outer jackets. This cable has all sorts of specifications that are necessary for high-speed networks. In this article, we’ll get to know this cable on a deeper level.

Cat6 Plenum Deep Overview

This cat6 plenum cable is a sixth-generation Ethernet cable of the twisted pair cable family. The internet structure consists of four pairs of twisted copper wires. The TIA & EIA has set a strict safety standard for this cable. It means you can use this cable for high-speed networks and data centers. Cat6 offers a 550MHz data transfer rate, unlike its predecessor. The older version like category 5 cables could only offer 100MHz data transfer rate. You can use this cable for voice, video, and other high-speed applications.

Bandwidth of Cat6

When you install the cat6 cable, you’ll get a higher bandwidth in your network. The faster the data flow, the more stable your connection will be. Cat6 comes with a 550MHz data transfer rate which is relatively higher than its predecessors. With this bandwidth, you’ll get a consistent speed and your signal quality will remain intact. The data transfer rate of cat6 is higher than the TIA/EIA standards.

Outer Jackets

The outer jacket of any Ethernet cable plays a vital role in determining the quality of that cable. There are three types of jackets available in the market; plenum, riser, and PVC.

Plenum Cables – Ethernet cables with plenum jackets are ideal for plenum spaces. You can install them in spaces that have regular airflow for air conditioning and heating purposes. The continuous airflow makes these places dangerous in an event of a fire. When a plenum cable burns, it emits a lot of smoke that helps put out the fire.

Riser Cables – as the name indicates, these cables are good for riser space in your building or your home. These vertical spaces are between your walls and other such places.

PVC Cables – these Ethernet cables are for outdoor installations. The outer jacket has a special material polyvinyl chloride in it which makes them an excellent choice for outdoor conditions. The extreme weather conditions and temperature do not affect this type of jacket. If you are looking to buy an Ethernet cable, we would suggest you get one that fits your specifications and requirements.

Conductor Types

Cat6 plenum-rated cable has two types of conductors;

  • Pure copper conductors
  • Copper-clad aluminum conductors

There is a big difference between these two types of cables. Pure copper cable has next to none EMI and crosstalk. You’ll also get remarkable conductivity with this type of cable. Bear in mind that these cables have a big price tag. If you are looking to buy the cable for data centers or for networks that require a lot of speed, you should get pure copper cables.

CCA or copper-clad aluminum cables are made of copper and aluminum. Due to the use of this alloy, these Ethernet cables are less expensive than pure copper. If you are getting a cable for your home network, CCA is the cable for you.

Cat6 Cable Length & Certifications

Cat6 plenum usually comes in a length of 1000ft. It comes in a box that keeps it safe from any damage. There are also patches available to many sellers and you can get them according to your network needs.

Most of these Ethernet cables have verification from TIA/EIA. They also comply with RoHS. Not only that, but these cat6 1000ft cables also meet or exceed the Ethernet industry standards. This category 6 cable is ideal for Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet cables.

Advantages of Cat6 Plenum Cable

Cat6 plenum cable has a lot of benefits in both commercial and domestic networks. Some of these advantages are such:

Remarkable quality – one of the main benefits you’ll get with this cable is that you’ll get a high-speed internet connection and stable connectivity. It may seem expensive while buying but it’ll benefit you in the long run.

Protection against fire – since this cable has a plenum-rated jacket, it has outstanding performance against fire. If there is a fire, this cable will not release toxic smoke. It is a viable option for indoor installations.

Easy to install – this is yet another advantage of this cable. You can install it without any professional help. All you need are some basic tools for it and you are good to go. There are a lot of accessories available for this type of cable as well.

All in all, cat6 plenum-rated cable has become a go-to cable for both domestic and commercial installations.

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