NlpTech Is The Best CCNA Training Institute in Dubai

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Real-time and job-focused CCNA training is offered in Dubai by the NLPTECH Training Institute. Our CCNA Training Course ranges from basic to advanced levels, and it is made to help you find employment in reputable MNC firms in Dubai as soon as you finish the CCNA course in dubai with placement. Our CCNA instructors are skilled individuals with real-world experience working on a variety of CCNA projects who are CCNA-certified experts.

Our CCNA course content and curriculum were created based on the needs of the students to help them to reach their professional goals. You will learn from the start to an advanced level in our CCNA training program, together with CCNA real-world project and CCNA placement training.

3.5 Explain the goal of the IP Services first hop redundancy protocol.4.1 Set up and test internal source NAT with static and pools4.2 Set up and test NTP in both client and server modes.4.3 Describe the functions of DNS and DHCP in a network.4.4 Describe the role of SNMP in network operations 4.5 Describe how to use the facilities and levels of Syslog.

Set up network devices for remote access using SSH. 4.6 Configure and test the DHCP client and relay. 4.7 Describe the forwarding per-hop behavior (PHB) for QoS, including classification, marking, queuing, congestion, policing, and shaping. Basic Security Concepts5.1 Describe the meaning of the major terms in security (threats, vulnerabilities, exploits, and mitigation methods)5.2 Describe the components of the security program (user education, physical access control, and user awareness).5.3 Configure local passwords for device access control5.4 Describe the components of security password rules, including administration, complexity, and password alternatives (multifactor authentication, certificates, and biometrics).

Describe site-to-site VPNs and remote access.5.6 Establishing and confirming access control lists5.7 Setup port security, dynamic ARP inspection, and DHCP snooping as Layer 2 security features5.8 Distinguish ideas of authorization, authentication, and accounting5.9 Describe the WPA, WPA2, and WPA3 wireless security protocols.5.10 Use GUI automation and programming to configure WLAN with WPA2 PSK6.1 Describe the effects of automation on network administration.6.2 Contrast controller-based networking with conventional networks.6.3 Describe overlay, underlay, and fabric architectures (controller-based and software-defined).

6.3.a Control plane and data plane separation

North- and south-bound APIs (paragraph 6.3.b)

6.4 Compare Cisco DNA Centre-enabled device management to conventional campus device management.6.5 Describe the CRUD, HTTP verbs, and data encoding features of REST-based APIs.6.6 Be familiar with the capabilities of configuration management tools. Chef, Puppet, and Ansible Admissions for CCNA Training at NLPTECH, Dubai 6.7 Interpret JSON encoded data

Anyone interested in learning about networking can take the CCNA course.

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Training Costs for the CCNA Dubai’s NLPTECHRs. 10,000 in convenient Installments Dubai CCNA Corporate Training Our corporate training programs offer the following:

Personalized training courses

Flexible Training Schedule:

Courses can be given at a time that works for you.

Training on the job

various group sizes

Reasonable Cost

The most cutting-edge training resources are structured course materials, learning CDs, and instructors who are highly qualified and experienced.

There will be CCNA software and video tutorials available.

Dubai CCNA Online Training

Personalized instruction using words and examples from your industry

designed and created entirely with the needs of your staff

Based on your CCNA system, simulations replicate your precise system version, configuration, and business processes.

Any functionality you desire can be included in courses, and they can be arranged according to business processes or job roles.


Companies like Cisco, Wipro, TCS, and many more

Course Highlights for CCNA

1) Because our training center batches are often quite small—3-5 people OR 1 to 1—students receive direct, in-person instruction from us.

2) Training that is entirely practical. It is not a theory class or slide show training program.

3) You will undoubtedly recommend our training to your coworkers, friends, and family after this program.

4) Regularly offering CCNA training online to US citizens in all time zones (PST, CST, EST, HST, MST)

5) Software will be installed on your desktop or laptop.

6) Self-evaluation testing software, an exam simulator, exam dumps, and books will be provided along with this instruction.

7) Any issues you encounter on-site are continuously supported. You will receive assistance and a few IT development companies will be referred to you.

Why Enroll in a CCNA Training Course with NLPTECH?

1) The candidate receives a two-day free trial. If he likes the course, these days are added to his actual calendar.

2) Fortune corporations are exposed to live projects.

3) Subject-matter professionals from CMM Level 5 firms conduct the training

4) CCNA offers both online and classroom training

5) Our basic course is worth more than other institutes’ or freelancers’ advanced courses.

Prepare for free interviews.

7) Completely free support for CCNA certifications.

8) CCNA Course in Dubai with Practical and Hands-On Training.

9) Complete success in obtaining the certification at reasonable costs.

10) Offer international students online instruction as well.

Dubai’s CCNA Trainer Profile

Over ten years’ worth of experience.

taught over 10,000 students in a single year.

Strong knowledge in both theory and practice.

High-Grade CCNA Certified Professionals.

Having strong connections with hiring HRs in big corporations.

Expert-level subject knowledge that is completely up to date on applications in real-world industries.

Trainers have experience working on several real-world projects in their fields.

The global firms CTS, TCS, HCL Technologies, ZOHO, Birlasoft, IBM, Microsoft, HP, Scope, Philips Technologies, etc. employ our trainers.

Dubai CCNA Placement Training

more than ten thousand students educated almost 8000 pupils 2000+ interviews placed Strong theoretical knowledge that is organized and applicable

Certified CCNA professionals

Dubai’s CCNA Training Batch Size Regular Batch (Daytime, Evening, & Morning) Six seats are available, at most. Weekend Training Batch (Holidays Included)8 seats are available, at most.7 (maximum) Fast Track batches are available. Duration of CCNA Training in Dubai Regular Classes (Daytime, Evening, and Morning)Time: six weeks Weekend training classes, including holidays and Saturday, Sunday, Timeframe: 8 Weeks Fast Track Training (three or more hours each day of instruction)Duration: 4 weeks or less