Central Air Conditioner Installation VS Portable AC Installation

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There are many factors that affect the price of central air conditioner installation. The most important factor in determining the type of system to be purchased is the size of the room in which the central air conditioning system will be installed. This is because the size and power of the air conditioner are determined by the size of the room being used. The size also determines how many ducts the air conditioner should run and what kind of plug-ins (if any) are installed in the air conditioning system.

The Comparison

Many think central air conditioner installation are expensive, and many choose portable systems in the hope of saving money while serving the same purpose as larger units. This may be true, but these so-called portable units aren’t exactly portable. In fact, they are usually heavy equipment. At least two adult men must work so that they are relatively easy to transport. This also applies to those that come with wheels. They also generate a lot of noise that can confuse the people in the room, which tends to cause a lot of discomfort. This means that the estimated high price of central air conditioners is not high after all.


Another drawback to this is the fact that it produces large amounts of water. This means that in order to use them, care must be taken to prevent water from spilling onto the carpet and causing permanent damage. In fact, some of these portable air conditioning systems have trays that collect water and empty it after a while. But this is annoying because it does not give you peace of mind. You will always be asked if the tray is full and can be emptied.

The biggest drawback of portable air conditioners is that they only cool a small portion of the entire room. So, for example, even if you have an air conditioner installed in your office, you may still feel that part of your office is hot, even though only a small part of you feels the air conditioning. The advantage of the central air conditioning unit is that it saves a lot of energy compared to a portable unit. They can also work in reverse. This means that its use is not limited to summer only. In winter, it can be used to heat the room. Central air conditioner prices typically range from $3,000 to $6,000.

How To Decide?

Air conditioners have become a common household appliance in homes around the world. Some people use portable units and window units, while others prefer the convenience and efficiency of a central air conditioner. Deciding which type to use can be tricky, but there are a few things you can think of to help you decide.

Advantages Of A Portable Unit

You need to determine the size of the area to be cooled. Most small areas, such as studio apartments and single rooms, can be adequately cooled with a portable unit. These units come in different sizes and can be used in multiple rooms depending on the size chosen. Larger units should be wired to 220V and smaller units should use 110V.

Advantages Of A Window Unit

The window unit is very small and is only intended for cooling small areas such as bedrooms and family rooms. They usually sit in windows or holes in walls that have been cut specifically for the unit. Unless the area around the air conditioner is sealed with insulating tape or other sealants. Hot air usually penetrates the area, which is not enough.

Advantages Of A Central Unit

The central unit is designed to work in conjunction with a furnace or heat pump. It typically draws warm air out of your home and cools it so that cooler air returns to your living space. They are usually outdoors and are connected directly to a fuse box or other breaker. The costs associated with installing one of these units are usually much higher than portable units.


When getting a central air conditioner installation, the installer must ensure that the furnace or heat pump is sufficient to handle the additional work. If that is not enough, you may need to purchase it. This may mean additional costs. So it is important to ensure that the furnace is in good working order and that the unit can support the additional pressure on the furnace.

After initial installation and purchase, the cost of the central unit is lower than the cost of the portable unit. Each type of air conditioner is classified according to the installed BTU. These are BTUs, and the higher the BTU, the more efficient the cooling of a larger area. Most portable units are low-temperature units where central air provides very high cooling.


Running a central unit can make your electric bills high at first. But once the house has cooled down enough, you don’t have to put in as much effort to keep it cool. If your home has a heat pump, your electric bill can drop dramatically. These actually use your home’s heat and recycle it by cooling it and recycling it back into your home.

By choosing a central air conditioner instead of a portable unit or window unit. You can keep yourself comfortable all summer long without worrying about fatigue. Small units can overwork, overheat and shut down. If you want to cool the whole house, the central unit is the only way.

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