Chamet App Agency Registration – Step by Step Guide

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Chamet is an extraordinary live streaming and video chatting application, It provides a great platform for girls to earn and an agency can build their own sub-agency team by hiring a number of sub-agents. You can use Chamet app agency invitation link for Chamet agency registration.

What is Chamet App Agency?

Chamet app agency could be an individual or a team of talent recruiters, who add girls on chamet as official hostesses. Hostesses earn coins by video-calling random users and receiving virtual gifts. Video calls get 1000-4000 coins per minute to a hostess and agencies earn a commission on every host earning they add through their agency.

Chamet app agency can increase their earnings by recruiting sub-agents, which will help to increase weekly commission per cent. Agency also gets some commission over the total weekly revenue of all its sub-agencies.

Chamet Agency Registration

To register an agency on chalet you will require registration link from an existing agency. You can use the given link offered by LH Talent Agency for Chamet Agency Registration;
Chamet App Agency Registration link:

  1. Create a new username
  2. Create new password
  3. Create agency name
  4. Verify phone number by OTP
  5. Click on bind to complete registration

Chamet Agency Dashboard

You will need to access your chamet agency dashboard for all management work. You can visit to this site and log in with your agency username and password.

Chamet agency dashboard provides you with multiple options to manage your agency, such as;

  1. Invitation link for Hostesses: Agency need to share this link with their girls who want to register as a host on Chamet. Let girls register with your agency link.
  2. Invitation link for Hostesses: To add sub-agents yo need to send this link and let them register your agency with your link.
  3. Bind your Wallet: Every agency needs to ass their bank details by using this button, It will redirect them to arripayment signup page, create account on arripay and authorise chamet to transfer your payment to arripay.
  4. Member List: It has a list of all members you have added to your agency from you started. The hostess list and sub-agent list are 2 options which let you see information about your team agency members.
  5. Daily Report: This will show you day to day earning report of your chamet agency hostesses and sub-agencies.
  6. Settlement: This report will update every Monday at 00:00. You can check details of your weekly earnings, host salary and sub-agency earnings. And how your commission ratio is set on each sub-agency.

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Chamet App Agency Commission Ratio:

Agency commission ration is based on the weekly earning of hosts & sub agents working under an agency. There are some target slabs for agencies to increase commission ration
Less than $150 = 0%
$150-$499 = 5%
$500-$1499 = 10%
$1500-$4999 = 15%
$5000-$14999 = 20%
$1500-$49999 = 22%

The minimum cashout is $10
10000 coins become $1

The withdrawal amount must be multiple of $10

The remaining balance in the wallet will add to next week’s settlement cycle.

Chamet app agency must maintain communication and good relation with their hostesses, solve their all queries and explain to them about their work. Agencies are not allowed to cut payment of hostesses, agency will get their commission separately.

If you understand the terms mentioned above, you can do chamet agency registration and start working asap. Keep track of your active hosts and sub-agents, and help them if they face any problems. If there is any issue that can’t solve by yourself then you can’t ask your upper agency.

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