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Cricket, which is universally known as the “batsmen’s game,” has wowed and enchanted its supporters throughout the years with a variety of skilful strokes and footwork. The top batters in the game earned their reputations by routinely hitting the most dreadful bowlers or putting up a firm fight against the scary men with cherry while yielding just a willow.

These batters have earned spots among the top 10 best batsmen of all time because to their outstanding averages and propensity for raking in regular performances by directly influencing the team’s outcomes.

Since India won the 1983 World Cup, they have been a dominant force in Day International cricket. Few of the best ODI batsmen in history came from this nation.

The majority of batting records, from top run scorer to highest individual runs in an ODI, are held by Indian players. One should attempt to rank the top five Indian one-day international batsmen in this post. Each of the top 5 positions has at least a dozen potential candidates, making it extremely tough to choose only five based on insights of cricket match highlights:

#1 Rohit Sharma

As a middle-order batsman in the early years of his career, Rohit Sharma’s performance was merely mediocre. But because of his enormous talent, he was allowed to start the innings for India, which radically altered his career trajectory.

He turned from an opener into the match’s victor by amassing large centuries against every rival. Rohit Sharma has already struck three double centuries in ODIs, a stunning accomplishment unmatched by anybody else on the globe.

He also holds the record for the most runs scored by an international ODI player—264—in a single inning.

He tops the all-time top 5 list by surpassing other legends like Sehwag and Yuvraj due to his enormous success in helping to make the recent Indian ODI Team the greatest in the world.

#2 Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Without a doubt, M.S. Dhoni is India’s finest wicketkeeper-batsman in history. But Dhoni also qualifies to be regarded as one of India’s best ODI batsmen because of his enormous impact as a middle and lower middle-order batsman in ODIs for more than a year.

In ODIs, he has helped India win crucial matches. He became a cult figure because of his talent for ending matches by smashing massive sixes with “Helicopter Shots.” His most well-known game-winning six came during the 2011 World Cup Final.

The fact that Dhoni has scored more than 10,000 runs at an average of over 50 demonstrates his amazing dependability and versatility. He is without a doubt India’s best ODI match victor in history.

#3 Sourav Ganguly

In ODIs, Sourav Ganguly is perhaps the finest left-handed batsman India has ever produced.

He is ‘s second ODI run scorer behind Sachin Tendulkar. One of the top Indian ODI openers was Ganguly. In his early years, he frequently outperformed even the legendary Sachin Tendulkar as an opener, scoring centuries of points at will.

He was regarded as one of the finest One Day International batsmen of his day and was a brilliant match-winner for India with the bat in ODIs. He is unquestionably among the greatest Indian ODI batsmen of all time.

#4 Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli, at the ripe age of 29, is the finest One Day batsman of the current period and perhaps one of the finest ODI batsmen of all time.

The game has never seen a run scorer as prolific as he has been. He has collected more than 9500 runs in just 211 games, a staggering average of 58.2 runs per innings.

By the time he hangs up his boots, he would have struck 35 ODI centuries, breaking Sachin’s previous mark of 49 ODI hundreds. In the past ten years, he has been India’s top ODI match-winner. He stands out because of his talent for pursuing challenging targets and earning high centuries.

His drive to make runs and never give up attitude is admirable. Because of this, he is now looked up to by even the team’s other players. Cricketer Virat Kohli is unquestionably a sensation and a “once in a generation” talent.

#5 Sachin Tendulkar

Despite Virat’s outstanding ODI performance, Sachin Tendulkar remains unquestionably the best batter to represent India and maybe the whole history of the game.

In ODI cricket, Tendulkar holds nearly every record that a batsman can hold thanks to his over 18 thousand runs & 49 centuries.

He has served as the face of One Day Cricket and served as an example for athletes throughout the globe. For more than two decades, he served at the centre of the Indian hitting order. Many historic ODI triumphs were made possible because of his centuries.

An international sports hero, Sachin Tendulkar is a “once in a lifetime” cricket player.

  • Who are the best Indian batsmen who have ever lived?

The Indian cricket squad has produced some incredible hitters throughout the years. The Nation is renowned for both its mastery of the batting method and their aptitude with spinners. Recently, fast bowling has gained popularity in India. The depth of the field makes it difficult for VVS Laxman, one of the best Indian hitters in history, to make the list.


India has been regarded as a batting superpower since the country made its debut in Test cricket eight decades ago. Since the beginning, when the royals and nobility controlled this sport, India has sent some genuinely outstanding batters to the field to represent the nation. It is hard to recall any notable Indian test bowlers because batting has gotten so much attention. This was true up until the 1960s when the Indian spin four won over Indian followers with their prowess and capacity to outwit the batsmen.

The majority of Indian cricket’s history has seen administrators and spectators alike perceive bowlers as “inferior subjects.” This is perhaps one of the factors contributing to the Indian team’s inability to defeat rival teams in Test matches. The fact that the nation has produced more than its fair share of batting superstars is indisputable, but that is a tale for another day. In this article, one should look at a few of the best Test batters who have ever represented India at the highest level.

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