Choosing the Best Android and IOS App Development Company

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The application development has frenetically improved over the years with an aim to provide robust solutions to companies and users worldwide. As digitalization increased, people wanted new solutions that would automate significant of their work processes, making it easier for them to connect with brands or customers in real-time. The app development company kept improving its approach towards developing mobile phones integrated with the latest technologies to build unique apps that would change the business landscape. Without apps, it wouldn’t have been possible to gain information about the world or companies.

All of this boosted app development services where businesses started hiring agencies or developers with the experience and expertise to create applications for different platforms. After analyzing their business goals and needs, they guided the companies with the entire development process and helped choose the best platform and framework. These apps were made keeping in mind the goals that would multiple their revenue in a short time. Each industry had an innovative app with the required features and functions to differentiate them from others and create a competitive advantage over the competitors.

The 2 Major Platforms

Seeing the increase in demand for apps, it was evident that the need for smartphones had frenetically increased over the past few years. There were two major platforms or mobile phones with two different operating systems. It was hard to decide which would be the best for a company. Moreover, the real question was to identify the most demanded platform, and to our surprise, it was the Android system where the apps on its Google Plat Store exceeded the number of iOS apps in the Apple App Store.

Both systems came with features and functions that made them stand tall against each other. Though iOS mobile phones are more in demand these days, they are still competing to increase their number. The difference between them can be because of the launch time, as the Android system came way before the iOS operating system. Hence, it is understandable to have more users than the other one. On the other hand, ease of use can be another factor. The android system has a relatively simple and user-friendly interface that makes it easier for the customers to scroll.

According to the app development agency, the other thing that makes the difference understandable is the development process. The Android phones tend to get quickly developed as they use fewer and simple technologies, unlike iOS, which has a vast and complex integration of advanced technologies that might make it difficult for the developers. Thus, they take more time and cost; as a result, companies often opt for androids, increasing the demand for their applications. If you have an Android and iOS app at home, you can easily compare and see the differences yourself.

All you need to know about apps

The mobile applications tend to differ from system to system and the technologies used. Open any app store, and you will find millions of apps for every industry. Most of the time, these are very similar; only their look might differ. Take the example of gaming apps. The iOS and Android systems have the same applications, but they are different in look, and the other difference might be the features each one offers to customers, making them a success or a failure.

Every app works in the same way, just different in terms of its functions. What has made their development difficult is probably the stress of creating the same apps for various systems. This means one cannot use a single app on both the operating system, leading to the generation of codes from scratch for similar apps on each system. It has led to increased cost and development time. Here one thing that companies should remember is not all apps are successful. Many fail because they lack the distinctiveness feature. Out of eight apps created daily, only one gets selected or two at the most.

It shows how important is the app development process for companies that are often taken for granted. It shows it is a challenging process from start to end, beginning with brainstorming and ending at the deployment. In fact, it never ends there. Its development and maintenance is a normal process where the developers need to regularly update its features and functions to keep the users attracted to the app. If you have a phone, you might be well aware of what we are talking about because every software or app needs an update every month or every few months.

Which is the best platform for apps?

There is no best or worse platform for application development. It all depends on the industry you are operating in and the features you are looking for. If a forum can fulfill the requirements and meet the goals while providing the same functions or features, it is supposed to be the best operating system for that company. One must remember that an operating system or platform that is best for one company cannot necessarily be perfect for the other. It becomes essential to hire a good application development agency to analyze your business and guide you with the selection.

If you choose the wrong platform, you might end up with losses that will create a bad brand image. Many brands these days have business apps on both platforms to target maximum customers in less time.


The app development company is well known for its ability to change the business landscape with the right implementation of technologies. These companies guide in developing highly functional and robust applications that solve emerging issues. Each has different features from gaming, technical, and agricultural to logistics apps but aims to increase its revenues. One should not forget that mobile phones come with some pre0installed applications that act as basic functional features like cameras, GPS, contacts, etc., to increase performance.