Cinnamon Milk Tea

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Cinnamon Milk Tea

Cozy up with a warm tea this is filled with holiday flavors. This Cinnamon Milk Tea is made with the best four elements, and is straightforward to whip up and experience in no time!

Cinnamon milk tea in  tea cups on a tray

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The temperature outside is starting to drop and the leaves are bursting with brilliant fall colorings. It makes me need to cozy up around a heat fireplace with a cup of hot tea. This warm cinnamon milk tea is the precise cup for that! Made with black tea, cinnamon, milk, and sugar, this tea is complete with comfort and cheer!

You should know all about the benefits of cinnamon tea

What Is Cinnamon Milk Tea?

Milk tea is just tea with milk. There are many recipes for milk tea that use of a spread of substances to make their personal unique recipe. Popular milk teas you may have heard of consist of chai or bubble tea.

This recipe for cinnamon milk with tea is wealthy and creamy using full-fat milk, sweetener, and cinnamon to make a pleasing drink with all people’s preferred excursion season spice!

Cinnamon milk tea in a teacup


Cinnamon is a broadly famous spice used to taste sweet and savory dishes alike in addition to beverages such as cocktails, teas, and espresso. A prized spice in ancient instances, it turned into regularly reserved for royalty or nonsecular practices.

Cinnamon is harvested from the internal bark of the tree. When it dries, it naturally rolls up to shape the cinnamon sticks we buy at the grocery store.

Cinnamon comes from the genus Cinnamomum. There are several forms of cinnamon trees grown over the world. Some say only Cinnamomum Verum is the actual cinnamon. This variety is native to Sri Lanka. This cinnamon also can be classified as Ceylon cinnamon.

While there are many types of cinnamon, most are sincerely labeled most effective “cinnamon” for resale.


Warm and Comforting



Full of Sweet Cinnamon

Easy to Make


Cinnamon is the star of this tea, however, the use of too much can also be overpowering. If you’re a massive cinnamon fan and need to use more than the recipe calls for, I suggest beginning with a touch bit and slowly adding more to suit your taste.

Use the right water! Good water makes good tea!

Use the precise water temperature to properly put together your tea.

Step your tea blanketed and for the whole 5 mins.

If you like a sturdy tea, keep in mind using a 2d tea bag, or 1 teaspoon greater of free leaves. Over steeping tea to get a more potent flavor just makes tea sour, not constantly stronger in flavor.


This recipe is fine eaten up sparkling and warm, proper after getting ready it. If you locate yourself desiring to save your tea, you can cowl it and refrigerate it.

Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea With Milk Ingredients


Full-Fat Oat Milk – In this recipe, I in my view use complete-fats oat milk, however, you can also use your favored milk. See variations below for extra thoughts!

Tea – For your tea, pick a formidable black tea such as English Breakfast, or Irish Breakfast. I use tea luggage on this recipe as it makes it simple and easy to steep and remove the tea.

Regular Granulated Sugar or Simple Syrup – I almost continually use brown sugar in my tea because it tastes so wealthy and provides another layer of flavor. However, on this recipe, I discovered that brown sugar becomes to overpowering. I decided to use ordinary granulated sugar instead and that labored perfectly. You can also use liquid sugar. See beneath for extra variations in case you would really like to make this tea sugar-loose.

 Cups of cinnamon milk tea on a wood tray



Kitchen Tools

Medium Saucepan

Liquid Measuring Cup

Measuring Spoons

Tea Strainer



Oatmilk (see variations below)

Sugar or Liquid Sugar




Turn off warmness and add in tea.

Cover, and permit to steep for five minutes.

Remove tea baggage and squeeze excess liquid from them.

Turn the heat back on low to heat the combination and stir lightly.

Remove from warmth and pour into your favorite tea cup.


Cinnamon Milk Tea Benefits

Benefits of Cinnamon – Besides having a scrumptious flavor, cinnamon is packed with antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory homes. Many studies show numerous different blessings as well. See here for more!

Benefits of Black Tea – Black tea is considered a fairly wholesome tea. It includes many antioxidants that offer a boost in health in numerous