Custom Printed Marijuana Boxes Wholesale in the USA

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Since marijuana’s legalization has been in great use in the USA., how does it boost its sales? Packaging marijuana in a personalized box can act as an advertisement tool to upgrade the status of the cannabis business. Urgent Boxes offers superb-quality printed marijuana boxes in all sizes, shapes, and layouts. We provide state-of-the-art services at wholesale rates. Stay in touch with us and experience our high-end facilities.

 Packaging of Marijuana in Stylish and Fashionable Boxes

The style of the box plays a critical part in all over the manufacturing procedure. The foundation of customized solutions lies in the type of box you choose. Our designers make sure to construct an apt package following the specifications of the items. Mainly for the packaging of marijuana, we choose:

  1. tray and sleeve packaging
  2. counter display boxes
  3. tuck front box
  4. marijuana box with window cut-outs
  5. marijuana cigarette box

Besides this, you can develop novel design ideas for unique packaging. Don’t get wasted it and transfer it to the heads of experienced manufacturers. Afterward, see their magic. They will turn an imaginative idea into a usable form.

Manufacturing of Marijuana Boxes Wholesale with Superior Material

For the production of custom marijuana packaging, we make use of the following material:

  1. kraft
  2. cardboard
  3. corrugated cardboard

Corrugated is suitable for the safe shipment of delicate and flimsy items. Cardboard consisting of flutes strengthens the box and makes it sufferable to scuffs, damage, and traveling traumas. In contrast, kraft is best for lightweight items. Instead of being strong, it is entirely climate-friendly and has no adverse effects on the planet’s health. Kraft paper is also recyclable. You can use it again without releasing hazardous chemicals. On the other side, cardboard is 100% biodegradable and safe for the atmosphere. The flexible nature of cardboard makes it the most suitable printing stock. You can alter it into any required shape. It is also viable for laminations, add-ons, and embellishments.

Choose Printing Methods for Marijuana Packaging Wholesale

Cannabis brands are hunting for the latest and unique ways to generate profit and improve the business’s sales. You can stand out brand’s objects in the competitive market with advanced and colorful prints. Multi-color packaging with stunning and vibrant color prints tempts onlookers from a vast distance. Our printing options involve the following:

  1. offset printing technique
  2. digital printing technique

Digital is a modern method that prepares accurate results in the shortest time. On the other hand, offset takes a lot of time but produces the actual results. Digital is more reasonable than offset. In the color printing model, we employ CMYK and PMS. the color of the packaging depends on you. You can go for full-color or one-color printing.

Furnish the Box Packaging with Enticing Finishings

The final stage of customization contains the application of embellishments and enhancements. Different finishing solutions enrich the packaging, increase the vibrancy of colors, and make them more precise and sharper.

1.     Embossing ·        It is used to highlight the specific part of the printing.

·        Embossing results in striking and radiant color prints.

2.     Debossing ·        In contrast to embossing, it suppresses the prints and give dim effect.
3.     Foil stamping (silver/gold foiling) ·        The use of foil stamping refines the packaging and makes it more magnificent.


In Need of Design Support? Get Free Cost Design Guidance from Experts

Are you unaware of the customization? Do not know how to hand-pick suitable material, printing procedures, and additional features. Join hands with us; we provide free design assistance to customers. Our company consists of skilled designers who have years of expertise in packaging. They stay connected with clients all over the manufacturing process.

Why Urgent Boxes?

Multiple factors can compel you to choose us as your ideal packaging supplier. Some of them are listed here:

  • Our company provides an accessible and immediate quote facility.
  • We offer accessible transit facility in all over the USA.
  • We do not have any fee for plates and die-cuts.
  • We provide free design support along with physical design mock-ups.
  • You can get the finest quality services at low costs.