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There are many blog posts on Instagram’s stats for 2022. I’m not planning to join in the noise, however, I believe there’s certain information that is crucial for marketers to know to ensure they are maximizing their marketing. These are the stats I mention in my lectures and in my classes, which is why I thought it would be appropriate to write a blog post on the topic.

Instagram is continuing to grow in popularity with both businesses and consumers currently. There’s no doubt that this platform is a great way for brands and companies to connect with the most popular Instagram influencers, personalize their content, and promote their services and products in a unique and relatable manner. Let me go over some vital data for 2022 that each marketer has to know today, and assist you in using them to your advantage.

The data is easily divided into what I consider to be the eight most significant categories:

  • It’s the popularity
  • Stats specific to businesses
  • Advertising
  • Marketing with influencers
  • How often do users publish
  • What customers can do with the platform to gain information about their products
  • User purchasing trends
  • Demographics

It is also worth looking at the bottom of the article to see the Instagram statistics compare to the ones of its nearest competitor and its parent Facebook. Facebook. How Big is Instagram? Instagram Statistics Don’t Lie!

Instagram Has Been Downloaded 3.8 Billion Times

The figure of 3.8 billion might be difficult to comprehend, but it is a sign that Instagram is an extremely large social media platform that has a huge audience. To understand the significance of that Let’s take a brief review of other download figures. TikTok was downloaded 2.6 billion times whereas Facebook is downloaded more than five billion times.

The number of downloads is significant as it gives an insight into the amount of traffic and engagement that is found on a specific platform. Twitter, for instance, is experiencing a decrease in its success, which could be evident in the download numbers.

Facebook continues to grow, and this is evident in the number of downloads it has. Although downloads don’t necessarily guarantee an active user, however, a high quantity of downloads would more likely help in implementing efficient marketing strategies.

What you can learn from this is that the sheer number of Instagram downloaders implies that users will automatically be able to reach a larger intended audience and will have a greater base to work from.

Instagram has an Audience of More Than 1 Billion Users

Instagram in the past declared that its active monthly user base was now at 1 billion. This puts them in front of LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat. If you take the monthly active users on each of the four networks, it may not be 1 billion!

Let’s consider this from the perspective of the population of the world. With around 8 billion people in the world, this is an enormous portion of the world that can be reached through Instagram marketing.

The image below, courtesy of Statista is a great illustration of how massive the growth has been. The image is titled 2018, this is because there have been no up-to-date Instagram stats released by the company since then.

Instagram statistics 1 billion users

The conclusion: If we check out YouTube and mobile messaging applications like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat as well as Chinese social networks, Instagram is the second most popular and active social media platform around the globe. 3. 95 million images and videos are uploaded to Instagram every single day.

95 million videos and photos being shared every day can mean a couple of things:

Your competitors are tough

With the number of new posts that are posted every day, being on Instagram isn’t enough to make your company or product on the market. You must instead master Instagram effectively.

It is important to learn how to distinguish yourself

With time, the number of profiles and users can start to merge and the entire world may begin to appear similar. Instead of merely following trends and following the way those around you are doing, you need to discover how to make your one article stand out among 95 million images and videos that are posted.

The platform won’t be going anywhere shortly

Instagram continues to grow and expand both in terms of how it is used as well as the services the platform can provide. The lesson to be learned: Instagram is a widely-used platform that can handle a massive daily influx of new posts. Understanding how to use effectively is crucial.

Instagram Users are averaging 30 minutes a day on the Social Network

Instagram users don’t typically take their smartphones out and go through a single blog or profile (or publish their own) and then leave. They prefer to stay in the app. If they can linger on the latest Instagram stories, or scroll through posts about shopping as well as fashion labels, Instagram people are notoriously known to spend time in the app.

The ability to know the statistics of users, like how long your target audience spends on the application or the app you’re focusing on is crucial since it will help you decide the way you can create a strategy for your advertising. An extended engagement time could cause you to develop images and videos, as well as live videos and many more, whereas shorter durations could encourage marketers to concentrate on smaller bits of information and news.


Instagram users tend to stay for a long time browsing, making the most of the various options Instagram offers including reels and carousel posts which are smart marketing decisions.

Stories are HUGE: 500 Million Active Users Daily

Instagram Stories Has 500 Million Daily Users
If you believed that Instagram was only about sharing your feed of photos Think again. They’ve announced that nearly 50% of their users are accessing Stories every day.

I prefer to consider Instagram as two social networks within one: static images, Stories, and videos. It is impossible to maximize your reach on Instagram without using both platforms. See the remarkable rise of Stories users using this graph from Buffer.

Instagram Stories Growth

The lesson to take away is to consider Instagram Stories to be a separate social media platform and be sure to place equal importance on the publishing of content on the platform.

How Businesses are Using Instagram Statistics

6. 7 out of 10 US Companies – if Not More – are Already Using Instagram. 7 out of 10 US Companies Are Already Using Instagram. An eMarketer study showed the following: 71% of businesses across the United States are already using Instagram which is higher than Twitter by 67 percent.

The number was just 32.3 percent in the year 2015. The platform continues to increase its marketing options, which currently include the Carousel advertising platform, native ad platform, as well as sponsored collaborations with influencers.

The takeaway:

Will your company be in the majority or a minority? If you’re trying to figure out what you should post on Instagram and what to post, you’re missing out on potential.

7. 80percent of Instagrammers are engaged with businesses

The majority of users follow their favorite brands and more than 80 percent of users have at least one account for business. According to the most recent data the number of users who check out an account for business every day.

This is why 25 million companies are in the process and why 2 million advertisers are making use of ads, including stories ads to market their services and products. Here’s a good overview of these figures and other information from Instagram:

Instagram statistics for business

Instagram is a very different social network that requires users to create a brand-different type of visual content. However, increasing numbers of companies are finding ways to create content on Instagram, and, most importantly, Instagram users WILL follow and interact with content posted by companies, whether from direct business contacts or micro-influencers that can then direct users to businesses.

8. 70 percent of the most popular Instagram hashtags are brand-named.

Hashtags are utilized by all types of users, from the brand’s users to teenagers raving about the enjoyment of having fun playing their favorite video game, or creating the latest look for their makeup.

Even old people can use the hashtags of their brand to create buzz around the latest fashions. While the hashtag might have started on Twitter, however, how Instagram users use them takes them to a higher degree of popularity that dramatically increases their reach.

Beach footprint hashtag

The lesson to take away: While hashtags may aid in promoting your brand, however, don’t be afraid to utilize hashtags with your brand’s name as a regular aspect of Instagram marketing. Other platforms may not utilize hashtags however, Instagram people will.

180 million users from India use Instagram as well as 170 million people in the United States employ the app

According to Statista the Instagram user base is huge across both India as well as it’s huge in the United States, with 180 million users and 170 million, respectively.

The population of both of these countries is significant Knowing your target audience can be a crucial element in designing effective and effective social media-based marketing campaigns. Visit comprar seguidores instagram to know more updates about Instagram. Knowing the top countries that make use of Instagram is beneficial since it can influence the choices made during campaigns.

The audience of Instagram is specifically located within India as well as in the United States, which can influence social media marketing strategies and help identify the most effective areas to concentrate on.

Instagram Advertising Statistics

Given that Instagram users constitute an enormous portion of the US market, it’s not a surprise that Instagram is an effective marketing tool. One of the best things about a creative app is that it lets users explore the possibilities.

Even in the beginning with holiday photos everywhere, the sight of a stunning beach might make another user wish to visit there too. The same is true for the products or services. The ability to visualize possibilities is a big selling point.

Instagram’s Annual Advertising Revenue is $9.45 Billion

This is a huge amount of money, but it’s hardly a small amount contrasted with the overall marketing budget. If companies couldn’t come up with this kind of marketing payment option, then they wouldn’t be using it. Since the introduction of Instagram’s shopping feature advertising is now a direct connection to the consumer, making it a profitable platform to use.

Instagram Has An Estimated Advertising Reach of 928 Million

In the simplest terms, Instagram is a great location to connect with customers who are likely to buy. In contrast to TV and radio ads, Instagram ads are cheap and have a wider impact, from grandparents sharing pictures of their children, to the ecstatic Kylie Jenner fanatics.

The ads are viewable anytime of evening or daytime and from any part of the world, not only during the show in the locations that are served by the broadcaster. That alone is enough to make Instagram an important advertising platform for social media marketers.

Instagram is an excellent platform to market your influencers

Because Instagram is so well-liked by users who want to purchase a product and make a purchase, it’s worth thinking about the third-party companies that are trying to get the content to market, and that includes influencers.

It is a simple fact that Instagram can be one of the most popular destinations for influencers looking to make money from the latest trends in marketing. Since there’s so much potential with this type of marketing.

12. Sixty-seven percent of marketers utilize Instagram to promote influencer marketing
67% of Marketers Use Instagram for Influencer Marketing

Instagram is still the leader in influencer marketing. While other platforms on social media may employ a derivative from influencer marketing Instagram is still ahead of the rest in this particular kind of marketing.

With millions of users daily and an almost limitless reach, marketers greatly value the impact and reach of Instagram and the influence that influencers are given by their followers. Although the app for sharing photos may initially be used as a method to share photos with friends you know the influencers are a huge part of marketing via social media, as Instagram is the app that they prefer to use.

The takeaway:

Influencer marketing is an excellent marketing tool if are looking to concentrate your marketing strategies on Instagram. Instagram platform.

The researchers estimate that in 2020 marketers spent $8 billion on Instagram influencers only.

It’s an enormous portion of the market for influencers! Perhaps it’s no surprise that both advertisers and customers love the platform so. Instagram offers information in bite-sized pieces that people can take pleasure in only an hour or so. It doesn’t need to be fancy, but just something worth looking at. More than 55% of influencers utilize Instagram for their marketing campaigns.

One reason why influencers appreciate Instagram is its user-friendly nature. Simply snap a few good images, then add filters and tags and you’ve got a wonderful small campaign. They can also make simple videos, with no editing needed, and then post them on YouTube.

Other platforms, such as YouTube typically take more time and effort. Another benefit naturally is the fact that the content doesn’t stay “out there” forever. You can share whatever you’d like to say and it’ll go away. Make use of YouTube but you’ll be able to keep a record of all the things you’ve done that were hasn’t been erased.

37 percent of Instagram users interact with Influencers

Interaction is crucial to ensure that your posts get read and shared. Since a significant proportion of people on Instagram interact with influential users, likely, your post is more likely to be seen if the influencers are used. Posts for business accounts can be boring and can overtly promote products or services, while influencers can help make ads appear more authentic.

The takeaway is that since a lot of Instagram users are active with influencers, businesses, as well as companies, should consider making use of influencers as part of their ongoing marketing campaigns.

Instagram is Still a Highly Engaging Platform

Instagram is a popular destination for business owners, influencers, as well as social media enthusiasts due to its high rate of engagement.

It has one of the highest interactions among platforms

In particular, Instagram accounts are engaged between 2 to 7% dependent on the size of the followers. Smaller versions have a greater engagement rate, while larger ones have lower engagement. There are likely to be several factors that contribute to this difference.

One reason is that small influencer profiles aren’t rich yet, which means they’re a more authentic style. Big brands, as well as popular influencers, have a less engagement rate because more followers are interested in knowing what they’re doing. That’s why they’re unlikely to take action based on their recommendations but they do want to know what the suggestions are.

Social media engagement

Therefore If you’re looking to increase sales immediately a number that includes smaller Instagram influencers may be effective. On the other hand, campaigns aimed to increase brand awareness could reduce the percentage of engagement, and making use of influencers who have large followers could be the best option. Combining campaigns will surely benefit from different types of influencers.

Only 5% of Accounts Post Once per Day or More

Only 5% of Instagram Accounts Post Daily. You might believe that you’d find more users posting regularly because of how appealing this platform looks. However, the data proves that it’s quite the opposite.

Tailwind collected their data and found that just 5 percent of accounts update every day for more than. Companies have a difficult time finding their voice visually and regularly post just like they do on other platforms.

Only 5% of Instagram Accounts Post Once per Day or More

In the absence of users posting, the demand and supply in the newsfeed are much more favorable to posting on Instagram than any other social media platform currently. If you’re looking for a way to work out the best way to increase the visibility of your Instagram profile, then the solution may be simple: post more frequently on the platform.

Accounts That Posted 7+ Posts per Week Showed the Highest Follower Growth Rate

I mentioned earlier the notion of demand and supply in the newsfeed. When fewer users are posting on Instagram, those who are proficient at posting on Instagram regularly appear more frequently in the newsfeed and gain more attention.

For instance, the similar Tailwind study mentioned above found that the more frequently you post, the quicker you’ll gain more fans on Instagram. This suggests the fact that the Instagram algorithm may benefit users who are more prolific in their posting.

the more frequently you post on Instagram, the more followers you will gain. increase. 2019 Instagram statistics on Instagram
Takeaway: What are you sitting for? Make a solid Instagram marketing plan, but the content you want to share, then start posting more frequently!

Multi-Photo Posts Boast the Highest Engagement Rates on the App

The Instagram “carousel” feature allows users to upload multiple images at a given point in time. They tend to have an impressive engagement rate, whereas single-photo posts aren’t able to perform equally well.

Likewise, videos don’t get the same amount of engagement from the audience of a profile. Although the percentage of engagement for a single photo post is 0.88 percent, and videos are averaging 0.55 percent, carousel-style posts have a 1.05 percent engagement rate.

The lesson to take away is to think about the kinds of posts you will use in your marketing campaigns since different types of posts come with different rates of engagement, and carousel posts always score better.

How Customers use Instagram for Product Insight

Yes, you read that right. Instagram is among the sites that customers visit to make their decision on which product to buy. In actual… 20. 70% of Instagram users were searching for companies on Instagram at the time of 2015.

I haven’t seen any more recent figures however the number may rise even more in 2021. Remember what I mentioned earlier People like to imagine the way they function before purchasing them. It’s similar to the virtual test-on devices that many websites within the fashion and beauty industries employ, but Instagram users can communicate with and interact directly.

90% of Instagrammers Are Engaging With Businesses

This could include any type of company, from gaming firms or clothing stores to major housing developers and artists. In the end, Instagram can be a huge source of bragging rights and one that people would like to see. Artist? You’ve got a great place to display your portfolio. Do you have a landscaping firm? Ask homeowners permission to post their yards on your website.

Also, take into consideration:

22. 80percent of people use Instagram to decide whether they’re planning to purchase something. Then there’s the visual aspect. It is easier to determine which product is right to purchase if you visualize how it’s utilized. In other cases, you’ll find the item packaged in a box. Reviews and photos are big sellers. So do Instagram videos.

  • Over 80% of users utilize Instagram to decide the best time to purchase something
  • 23. 83% of Users Discover New Products on Instagram
  • 83% of Users Discover New Products on Instagram

Users don’t just follow their brands and friends, but they can also be exposed to new products and brands by following hashtags, and finding them via search or their Instagram advertisements.

This statistic suggests the potential of finding new customers and creating awareness for your brand from a group that may not have been aware of your business through other channels. The statistics that Facebook publishes on Facebook reveal the following buying trends:

  • 83% of users discover the Latest Products via Instagram figures.
  • 24. 54 percent of Millennials Bought Products after Seeing them on Instagram.
  • A study revealed that millennials were the most responsive to posts, with 68% of people aged.
  • 18-24 saying they were more likely to buy an item when people they follow liked it.
  • A majority of the respondents stated that they bought items after seeing them on their feeds.

A fascinating side note is that this study concluded that Instagram was the most influential on the behavior of consumers than any other study when participants were asked to choose the person who had the greatest influence on them:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Partner
  • Customer Reviews
  • Television
  • Instagram
  • Facebook was at number 7 and YouTube came in at 11th place, Twitter placed 12th. blogs were 15th.

The takeaway is that millennials aren’t only engaged on Instagram The large portion of them is attracted to buying from pictures they see. From all this data that we’ve gathered, this one should give you the tools to boost your marketing strategies.

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