Ideal Guide About Designing a Flawless Custom Candle Packaging

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A candle is one of the most used décor items at various places like houses, restaurants churches, etc. In the past, candles were used as emergency lights. In the modern world, they are used to create an aesthetic ambiance as a result of their soothing and warm scent. The product’s packaging has the potential to break or make the image of a brand. An innovatively designed custom luxury candle box leaves a lasting impression on the buyers and stands out brand’s products in the crowded market.

You must want to know the secret of designing an ideal custom candle packaging. Stay with us. In this blog, we are going to discuss a few tips and tricks regarding the customization of an impeccable candle box. Continue reading this blog to get step by step-by-step guide.

Tailor the Candle Box’s Design Under the Product’s Specifications:

Customization is a limitless process. It allows you to frame the box in whatever shape and form you want to create it. The first stage of customizing a custom candle box is the selection of the box’s size, shape, and layout following the product’s requirements. You can modify boxes into square, cylindric, and rectangular shapes. Additionally, you can design boxes into two-piece designs, sleeve packaging, tuck front etc. Candle packaging design with inserts is in trend because of secure packaging. The inserts keep candles intact and undamaged inside the box. While the box is designed you have to bear in mind that it is easy to use and functions appropriately. A complicated design can enhance the risk of a product’s damage.

Hand Pick Premium Material for Sturdiest Candle Packaging Wholesale:

Candles are too delicate and expensive products. they can easily break or damage. The finest quality packaging is required to keep candles in their actual form. The usage of the sturdiest material results in the creation of long-standing and robust candle packaging wholesale. These are the most popular material options. You can pick out any of these following the usability of boxes.

  1. Kraft
  2. Cardboard
  3. Rigid

Brown kraft paper is the most suitable option for giving simple and sturdy packaging to light-weight candles. however, cardboard paper is preferred for retail packaging. It is strong and friendly to prints and finishings. Rigid packaging is required to create promotional or sophisticated candle packaging.

Add An Extra Layer of Protection to Luxury Candle Box with Coatings:

A defect-free custom candle packaging always inspires buyers. It outshines the brand’s products in the crowd and can attain the client’s attention at the very first glance. The lamination of packaging with laminations enhances the box’s exclusivity and makes it resistible against scratches, scuffs, fingerprint marks etc. The details of the coatings are as follows:

§  Gloss finish Light-reflective

Gives a shiny and gleaming texture to the box’s surface

Resistible to scratches, moisture, water etc.

§  Matt finish Non-reflective to the light

Adds a sophisticated and elegant touch to the box’s packaging

Endurable to fingerprints, marks, lines etc.

§  Spot UV Uplifts a particular design


§  Aqueous coating Eco-friendly

Provides satin, soft and glossy feel to the product’s packaging


Elevate the Visual Appeal of Candles with Candle Packaging Window:

Candles come in various sizes, shapes, colors and flavors. The buyers have their specifications regarding the scent of the candles. Custom luxury candle boxes with windows are the best tool to increase the visibility of candles. The window packaging with PVC sheet permits the buyers to look inside the box and take a sneak peek preview of the items without unboxing. Moreover, the thick filming of PVC sheets protects the products from environmental damages like dirt, soil pollutants etc.

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