Die-cut boxes and the technology behind it

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What are die-cut boxes:

Die-cut boxes are one of the most extraordinary and well-crafted package boxes ever made. Their unique design is enough to catch everyone’s attention. They are called die-cut because of the method used to make them. Die-cut boxes come in various sizes and shapes depending on what the customer needs. You can get other types of die cut boxes UK on our website Viveprinting. The small die cut boxes are the ones to have because they are useful in giving small presents .These small die-cut boxes can be crafted specifically to match the products needed. For instance, if you want to give someone a high caliber pen then custom printed die-cut boxes can be made for them. This box will hold the pen inside it and its beautiful exterior will create an epic scene when it is opened by the other person.

What is die-cutting technology:

Die-cutting is a very sophisticated yet extravagant piece of technology. It can be used to cut a material and convert it into any shape or size. This technology is well renowned in the packaging industry because it can produce a packaging box in any form. 

We manufacture all types of die cut boxes UK through this process and many companies buy our wholesale die cut boxes. These are made in a bulk quantity because the die helps in making them in larger quantities.

What type of materials die-cut boxes use:

In order to make any package box strong you need the best material. If you are saying that a box can withstand weight then it should. There should be no compromise in your product’s quality.

The die-cut boxes which we sell at Viveprinting are made from corrugated cardboard. This cardboard is cut into small shapes and sizes during the die-cutting process as demanded by the customer. Our corrugated cardboard is eco-friendly and a fine material to make die-cut boxes.

Types of Die-cut boxes:

There are two types of  die cut boxes UK . They are listed below.

  •         Rigid die-cut boxes
  •         Folding die-cut boxes

Rigid die-cut boxes:

It is one of the types of die cut box UK which gets its name because of its hard and sturdy nature. Rigid die cut boxes are specially designed to send out luxurious items as a gift. Its structure is quite secure and can hold a heavy product inside it.

Folding die-cut boxes:

Folding die cut boxes are lighter than rigid boxes but the key difference among them is that folding die cut boxes can be folded. Which means it can collapse and be put together again.

Both of them can be customized according to the user’s demands. We at Viveprinting are selling custom printed die cut boxes of all types. Visit our website Viveprinting.uk to learn more.

Advantages of Die-cut boxes:


Die cut boxes offer countless variations. These boxes can be cut into any shape. The whole customization process is in the hands of the customer. What they will ask will be given to them as the final product. The customers have the power to get any detailing on the box with CMYK color and Pantone color schemes to choose from. The result of this customization comes in the form of stunning printed die cut boxes. Our team at Viveprinting is at your service if you need to get these custom-printed die-cut boxes.

Safety of your product:

Die cut boxes provide a cushion inside the packaging which keeps the products safe. Hence many valuable products like jewelry are sent within these boxes.

Die cut boxes wholesale prices:

Die cut boxes are the best packaging boxes to manufacture. These boxes can be manufactured in large volumes. You will make huge amounts of money if you buy or sell wholesale die cut boxes. You can visit our site if you need to buy a set of wholesale die cut boxes or any other type of packaging boxes like pillow boxes or rigid boxes. Feel free to contact us at Viveprinting.UK if any assistance is required.