Educational Games for Kids

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Board games have always been a great way for Educational parents to spend time with their children. Could the benefits be more than just family fun?

Many board games, at a low level, are a great way to learn colors and numbers. There is also a strategic aspect, in which children should consider one or more advances. They get social benefits too, such as waiting for your chance and the knowledge of winning and losing.

Now, with video games for educational purposes, parents have more options than ever before in their children’s games. To help, we would like to highlight our three favorite games. Who knows… you might enjoy playing with you!

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Our Top Three Favorite Games


Uno, which started in 1971, has survived for a long time and is still a household favorite of all ages. It is a foundation for kids learning their numbers and colors, especially since pattern matching and pattern recognition are central parts of the game. There is also the element of strategy, as your child will have to anticipate which cards he will use or save to prevent others from winning, using their decision-making skills.

If your child is very young, you may be able to concentrate on playing cards and playing cards, which is still a good way to master car skills. Then, you will have a deck when they are ready to play the full game!

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Fun Science Kit Educational

This amazing science kit is best designed for kids 6-11 years old. In it there is a test tube lab with 10 different activities you can try, including experience such as cake rise, making glossy candy and making drinks into fizz.

This is an excellent introduction to chemistry, as well as creating management in the kitchen! Baking activities like these require children to follow the activity guidelines, apply the measurements and decide which mixes they will make.

Fish School HD

Despite parental concerns, the video game can also teach. Fish School is an app that contains 8 different activities, and the teaching feature focuses on shapes, colors, letters and numbers. Kids learn as they play, and the game has a very simple interface. Available on iTunes and can be used on iPads.

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Children Need Educational Games

Card games, toys and video games are not just fun; they are a great way for kids to put their ingenuity into the learning experience.

Junior Dps, we encourage children to test their intelligence, and provide them with all the tools to prepare them for primary and secondary school. For more information, or to arrange a tour, call us.

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