Enhancing Business Operations With Document Authenticity Verification Solutions

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The document authenticity verification process enables firms to verify the legal papers of their clients and employees. This way of verification helps in the prevention of ID document fraud. The companies have been doing document authenticity verification for quite a time now. Most people experience this process at the time of customer onboarding in any organization. The best example is when opening a new bank account. The document authenticity verification procedure verifies all the government-issued papers of the client. New computerize solutions are used by new platforms for this purpose, or when validating customers online. 

Online Document Verification

The online document authenticity verification method is most utilized today for multiple processes of validation. The word online means without involving any physical interactions. The wide use of the internet has developed new ways for different tasks. The document authenticity verification method is greatly enhanced by the addition of technology. The use of tools such as artificial intelligence and optical character recognition has dramatically increased the rate of accuracy of document verification. 

Online Document Authenticity Verification Process Flow

The method focuses on the validation of clients’ documents by modern-day technologies. It is also an automated solution that provides results in real-time. The complete workflow of the online document authenticity verification process is explained below:

Capture Images

The online document verification process is initiated by capturing images of the legal papers such as identity cards, passports, tax reports, bills, and all other identity documents which are requested by the organization are converted into digital format i.e images. These photos are then uploaded to the online platforms i.e. mostly the organization’s digital portals for verification. The document authenticity verification process is reliable for most clients as everyone has a smartphone to capture images today.

Data Extraction

The uploaded images of the client’s documents are then further processed by the online solutions. Two key factors are involved in document verification, the validity or authenticity of documents and the verification of information they possess. 

The data from the papers is extracted by using optical character recognition or OCR service. The text is extracted line by line in the form of a digitally encoded machine-readable format. In light of the OCR systems, the data is gathered for verification.

Document Screening

The data which is gathered from the uploaded documents of the customers are screened against the information provided by the client at the registration phase. The data is matched to verify the customer; for example, the name provided by the customer at the beginning is compared with the name on the national identity card of the customer. The screening process is carried out automatically and verifies the client in real-time. Both the client and the organization are protected with this method of document authenticity verification. 

To verify the document’s authenticity artificial intelligence algorithms are applied to the images of the client. The document images are compared with the existing document templates within the system to check for forgery or manipulation on uploaded files. 

Advantages Of Online Document Verification

The online document verification method is fast and reliable and provides accurate results. It fulfills the KYC laws of document verification. The automated verification solution provides a touchless solution for identifying ID documents. The validity check and verification procedure are carried out online without any physical interaction thanks to technology.

The customer onboarding process is also boosting by this solution of verification online. Clients are registered through an identity verification solution. The signup process is secure as the online document authenticity verification system is backed up by database checks of clients’ documents. The rising problem of identity theft and money laundering is also decreased when onboarding customers with digital authenticity verification solutions.

Real-time document processing is effective in marking out the criminals from the system. Businesses have deployed these tools for monitoring criminals in digital systems. In the past, the attackers used image manipulation tools such as photoshop to modify the data within the documents’ digital copies. Today the use of AI has also solved this method of theft as well. The updated artificial intelligence systems of critical organizations efficiently validate the documents by detecting any type of forgery attempted by the attackers.


The use of online document verification software greatly enhanced the processing of documents remotely. The physical interaction is minimize and the process is carry out digitally. The traditional methods of document verification are greatly replacing in every sector with the introduction of online document authenticity verification services. This way of verifying ID papers provides a fast and secure solution that is beneficial for the business.

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