Ensuring clients do not make mistakes when dealing with web design agencies

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Web designers are responsible for a lot of things. Clients often rely on them to make sure the website is user-friendly, accessible, aesthetically pleasing and Well-Made from the back-end to make sure it is well optimized on search engines.

But business leaders and clients are often unable to realize that they too have their own roles to play in this regard. They need to make sure not only is the website designed correctly but also the results needed are correct too. There is more to the client-agency relationship than what one knows.

What kind of errors can companies/clients make when dealing with web design/ full service digital agencies?

Here are some common mistakes companies and clients often make when dealing with web design agencies:

Minimal insight provided leads to disastrous outcomes

Creativity is the designer’s responsibility in most web-building projects for most of the tasks. They know in the best way what to do for clients and how to do it as well.

When designers discuss a project with a business owner, they can give them an overview of concepts, or strategies for digital accessibility. However, despite all this, they rely on clients because most of the insight provided to them comes from clientele.

An incomplete brief in a web design project means that due to insufficient instructions, making revisions, updates and time spent in editing the material, the websites do not end up being what they should be.

Designers must ask clients for the following details:

  • Who is the target audience? Do they have a user persona they would like to share?
  • What specific features does the website need like forms, widgets, landing pages etc.
  • Competitor sites do they prefer and the elements they appreciate about those designs?
  • Brand colors and assets: the preferred hues and shades.
  • Requirements of technical requirements: Does the website need its own app, integration with APIs, a checkout solution etc.

Clients underestimating the workload is another problem taken for granted

This is among the most common mistakes clients make when seeking help from web designers. They often end up underestimating the work and time needed to make the kind of website they need. If they did not provide a worthwhile brief first then all the work would become futile for both the designer and client.

Hence, designers must walk the client throughout the brief process as it can help here in the best possible manner. They should ask them for any clarity in case there is confusion.

Also, if the client has provided the agency a brief and an unrealistic deadline for completion, The designers and agency might need to have a discussion with the client about what needs to be done. 

A lack of budget and it is commonly observed

Pricing web design services is tricky. Companies often complain about other agencies offering affordable rates. A lot of agencies are hence forced to make sure they are charging enough to cover the costs of factors such as the needed hardware and software. The competition in the market is intense.

When agencies go through the hard work of figuring out what the pricing structure should be, they should justify the expenses to their clients. It is common for numerous clients to explore the work with a web designer expecting to get a blog, a website and an app for something around USD$ 500 when such a notion is impossible.

Agencies must ensure that the clients are aware of their pricing immediately to avoid any confusion. If possible, they must exhibit a price range on their website along with the portfolio. This helps prospective clients see the price range on the websites of agencies to make a qualified decision.

Working with an unqualified designer is another dangerous thing to do in this arena

Working with the wrong web designer is a mistake clients often make. In the market,  a truck load of professionals in this arena are present and each one presents a unique set of skills, especially in UX design, eCommerce page creation, and the like. 

However, it is not always easy to understand or determine what a business owner needs when they are establishing an online presence for the first time. Moreover, a designer who is not qualified enough or is not experienced enough should be open about their shortfalls. Else, a ruined project can lead to an agency getting closed for good. 

Professionals from a web design company Dubai are usually concerned when clients do not tell any information correctly.